Facebook for Android has received an update which sees it gain a couple handy new features for keeping up with your wide network of “friends” (sorry, not sorry). Let’s go through them.

The first change is an odd one which lets you “Like” posts, photos, and pages even when you’re offline. These will presumably have to already have been loaded up in the app prior to going offline, and the Like will simply be queued up for delivery to Facebook’s servers once you get back onto a data connection, but it’s an interesting addition nonetheless.

The next two changes allow you to remove tags from posts and photos you’ve shared, or remove tags of yourself that your friends have created. You know, to make sure you aren’t surprised during a job interview by some picture of you at a crazy party on your Facebook profile.

Lastly, you can now toggle post notifications on and off. Whenever you engage with a post or photo by say, liking or commenting on it, you are automatically subscribed to the post so every following comment that’s added will trigger a notification to your account. Similar to an email chain you wish you weren’t a part of, being subscribed to a popular Facebook post can lead to getting a lot of notifications you don’t care to get. Now you can go in and simply turn off notifications for any post, or turn them on for a post you may not have Liked or commented on but still want to get updates for.

Okay, so that actually wasn’t the last change to come with this update – there’s also the generic “improvements for speed and reliability.”

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