Facebook Stories December 31, 2018

A study of 34 of the most popular Android apps found that at least 20 of them are sending user data to Facebook without consent.

The data transmitted ranges from the innocuous to the sensitive – such as whether the user has children – and is likely to be illegal in the case of European citizens …

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Facebook Stories December 14, 2018

Facebook kills Google ATAP-like ‘Building 8’ amid hardware reorg and new ‘Reality Labs’

Back in April 2016, Facebook made waves by poaching Regina Dugan to lead its new Building 8 division. The social network wanted to create an experimental hardware group similar to what Google was doing with ATAP. Building 8 is now dead due to a hardware reorganization at Facebook.

Facebook Stories October 17, 2018

Facebook Portal privacy walkback: company admits will collect data for ad-serving

When Facebook entered the smart speaker business last week, it was keen to stress that it understood potential concerns about the privacy of Facebook Portal and Portal+ devices.

The company said then that four forms of protection were employed …

Facebook Stories October 12, 2018

Facebook details what information hackers accessed from 30 millions users

Two weeks ago, Facebook announced that a flaw with its “View As” feature allowed hackers to compromise up to 50 million accounts. Today, the company is out with more specific details on the security breach and has shared exactly what information was stolen and for how many users.

Facebook takes down fake accounts with millions of followers in run-up to US midterms

Facebook says it has taken down hundreds of fake accounts with millions of followers in the run-up to the US midterm elections …

Facebook Stories October 8, 2018

Since January, Facebook has been rumored to be developing a video conferencing device. Today, just ahead of Google announcing its own Assistant Smart Display, the social media network unveiled the Facebook Portal and Portal+.

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