Facebook Stories December 2

Facebook is still the biggest social media platform on the planet and, because of that, a lot of people have plenty of photos and videos stored on their accounts. Today, Facebook has announced a new transfer tool that lets users offload that media, and it works first with Google Photos.

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Facebook Stories November 1

Google this morning announced that it was acquiring Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Speculation that the company was up for sale started last month, and it’s now emerged that Facebook was also an interested suitor.

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Facebook Stories September 18

After Hours: Focals by North glasses, Alexa speaks Hindi, Facebook Portal

Some of the day’s biggest stories included a huge report about Google’s efforts with a “Pixel Watch,” new details on Android TV, as well as some news regarding Google Stadia’s popularity. In other news, Focals by North is getting a convenient new Showroom app, Alexa expands its language support, and more.

Facebook Stories September 17

Facebook’s interest in AR smart glasses was telegraphed by Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s 2016 developer conference. A new report today reveals some details about Facebook’s “Orion” project and a possible time frame.

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Facebook Stories September 5

After Hours: Googling a vacation home, Facebook Dating, Telegram features, more

IFA 2019 is in full swing today with tons of big announcements, and we also got three major leaks for Google’s Pixel 4. In some of today’s smaller stories, Google is making it easier to get a vacation home, Facebook Dating hits the United States, and more.

Facebook Stories June 24

A bipartisan push for a new US law could see companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon having to state exactly how much your data is worth.

Consumers would be better able to understand how much privacy they were sacrificing to use free services if the value of the data used by the companies was made explicit …

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