Facebook Stories October 28

[U: Coming back] Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are partially down

Following a bigger outage earlier in the week that saw WhatsApp users unable to send or receive messages, the Meta app, along with Facebook and Instagram, are partially down as of Friday afternoon.

Facebook Stories September 30

When you open a link while in another app, it usually launches in your browser (e.g., Chrome) or a Custom Tab. Facebook opens pages in its own in-app browser, which is powered by the Android System WebView. The main Facebook app will soon change what underpins its in-app browser.

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Facebook Stories November 8, 2021

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg showed off Facebook’s – now Meta’s –  vision for the future of technology and social interaction, I’ve been trying to imagine what the Google equivalent would be. I’ve concluded that such a metaverse direction is a direct contradiction to Google’s modern vision of tech that assists.

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Facebook Stories July 30, 2021

Bandwidth: Saints Row arrives on Amazon Luna, Facebook brings cloud games to iOS

Outside of Google Stadia, this week saw some big news in the cloud gaming space. That includes the arrival of Saints Row on Amazon Luna, new efforts from Facebook, and more.

Facebook Stories April 8, 2021

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp go down for many in brief, but widespread outage [Updated]

In an outage that’s affected many over the past 30 minutes or so, major products from Facebook including Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and the giant social network have gone down.

Facebook Stories March 19, 2021

[Update: Back up] It’s not just you: Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Facebook apps are down

It’s not just you: Instagram and other Facebook apps are down. We’re seeing messages flowing in on social media and the Instagram web app is currently throwing a server error. Messages and posts are not loading in the app. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Facebook Stories February 12, 2021

With Oculus VR headsets and Portal video conferencing smart displays, Facebook is increasingly becoming a hardware maker. One Facebook product reportedly in the pipeline is a smartwatch that’s trying to compete with Google-owned Fitbit and the Apple Watch.

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Facebook Stories October 26, 2020

Over the past two years, the cloud gaming space has become steadily more crowded with options from Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. The latest player in the cloud gaming market is Facebook Gaming, announcing today the ability to stream Android games to your device via Facebook.com or the Android app.

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Facebook Stories October 14, 2020

Following the launches of the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 series, it was made apparent that the company was pre-installing Facebook bloatware on its devices. Now, in a reversal, OnePlus is officially stopping that practice.

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Facebook Stories September 30, 2020

Instagram DMs are now Facebook Messenger

Instagram’s direct messages are a useful way to have a quick conversation through the social network, but today they’re getting a major change. Facebook Messenger is taking over Instagram DMs.

Facebook Stories August 5, 2020

Bloatware is all too common in the Android world, and the lack of it is something OnePlus was often praised for. That’s slowly been changing, though. With its latest smartphones, OnePlus has been pre-loading services and apps from Facebook that cannot be uninstalled completely, and that’s not stopping any time soon.

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Facebook Stories July 13, 2020

Back in 2017, Apple acquired music recognition app Shazam and removed advertising, as well as third-party SDKs, from the service. The company now looks to be taking that a step further by removing the ability to sign in with Facebook on Shazam for Android.

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Facebook Stories June 29, 2020

While we await an official announcement, it appears that Facebook has started rolling out a dedicated dark theme for some users on mobile.

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Facebook Stories June 11, 2020

Google, Facebook, and Twitter commit to coronavirus misinformation reports per EU request

While other events may have started to overshadow the coronavirus pandemic, the virus is still very much a big deal around the globe. Now, in order with a request from the European Union, US tech giants including Google are going to produce regular reports regarding misinformation online about the coronavirus.

Facebook Stories June 5, 2020

The Facebook app for Android is preparing some big new features. We’ve been able to get our hands on some new features coming to Facebook’s Android app including dark mode, a coronavirus tracker, and more.

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Facebook Stories June 4, 2020

Facebook is still the biggest social media platform on the planet, and because of that, a lot of people have plenty of photos and videos stored on their accounts. Now, Facebook has announced a new transfer tool that lets users offload that media, and it works first with Google Photos.

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Facebook Stories April 20, 2020

The Australian government is set to force Google and Facebook to pay for local news content in the region.

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Facebook has officially launched Facebook Gaming, a standalone game streaming platform that is aiming to take on YouTube and Twitch.

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Facebook Stories April 7, 2020

Facebook for Android starts rolling out bottom bar interface

Facebook’s Android app seems to be rolling out a new bottom bar interface for its users that improves one-handed use considerably.

Facebook Stories March 17, 2020

The novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — has been spreading around the globe and things are only getting worse in many regions. With that in mind, some of the biggest tech companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more are committing to battling misinformation around the coronavirus outbreak.

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Facebook Stories February 15, 2020

Facebook Lite for Android picks up dark mode before the main app does

Dark mode has been rolling out to a lot of apps on Android since the system-wide toggle arrived last year, but there have been a few holdouts. One app that’s not picked up dark mode yet is Facebook, but its Lite counterpart has just added the functionality.

Facebook Stories November 1, 2019

Google this morning announced that it was acquiring Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Speculation that the company was up for sale started last month, and it’s now emerged that Facebook was also an interested suitor.

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Facebook Stories September 18, 2019

After Hours: Focals by North glasses, Alexa speaks Hindi, Facebook Portal

Some of the day’s biggest stories included a huge report about Google’s efforts with a “Pixel Watch,” new details on Android TV, as well as some news regarding Google Stadia’s popularity. In other news, Focals by North is getting a convenient new Showroom app, Alexa expands its language support, and more.

Facebook Stories September 17, 2019

Facebook’s interest in AR smart glasses was telegraphed by Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s 2016 developer conference. A new report today reveals some details about Facebook’s “Orion” project and a possible time frame.

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Facebook Stories September 5, 2019

After Hours: Googling a vacation home, Facebook Dating, Telegram features, more

IFA 2019 is in full swing today with tons of big announcements, and we also got three major leaks for Google’s Pixel 4. In some of today’s smaller stories, Google is making it easier to get a vacation home, Facebook Dating hits the United States, and more.

Facebook Stories June 24, 2019

A bipartisan push for a new US law could see companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon having to state exactly how much your data is worth.

Consumers would be better able to understand how much privacy they were sacrificing to use free services if the value of the data used by the companies was made explicit …

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Facebook Stories June 7, 2019

The effects of the Huawei ban by the US Government have been felt in some major ways, including the potential to completely lose Android as a platform. Now, a report states that Facebook has banned Huawei from pre-installing its applications.

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Facebook Stories April 4, 2019

Executives from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks could face jail in Australia if they fail to promptly remove violent material from their platforms.

The Australian parliament passed new legislation in the wake of live-streamed footage from the terrorist attack in Christchurch …

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Facebook Stories March 18, 2019

YouTube says that in the hours after the terrorist attack in New Zealand, people were uploading copies of the shooter’s live-streamed video footage at the rate of one copy every second.

Facebook said that it automatically blocked 1.2 million copies at the point of upload, and removed another 300,000 copies …

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Facebook Stories March 15, 2019

YouTube and Facebook are working to ensure the removal of all copies of head-mounted camera footage apparently live-streamed by the gunman in two mass shootings in New Zealand.

Forty-nine people were killed, and at least 20 more wounded, in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand …

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Facebook Stories March 8, 2019

Facebook tests an all-white redesign on Android app, ditches blue accent color

Facebook’s Android app may not be the best-designed app available today, but it is one of the most used currently available. Now, Facebook is testing a redesign for its Android app that ditches the blue for an all-white theme.

Facebook Stories December 31, 2018

A study of 34 of the most popular Android apps found that at least 20 of them are sending user data to Facebook without consent.

The data transmitted ranges from the innocuous to the sensitive – such as whether the user has children – and is likely to be illegal in the case of European citizens …

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Facebook Stories December 14, 2018

Facebook kills Google ATAP-like ‘Building 8’ amid hardware reorg and new ‘Reality Labs’

Back in April 2016, Facebook made waves by poaching Regina Dugan to lead its new Building 8 division. The social network wanted to create an experimental hardware group similar to what Google was doing with ATAP. Building 8 is now dead due to a hardware reorganization at Facebook.

Facebook Stories October 17, 2018

Facebook Portal privacy walkback: company admits will collect data for ad-serving

When Facebook entered the smart speaker business last week, it was keen to stress that it understood potential concerns about the privacy of Facebook Portal and Portal+ devices.

The company said then that four forms of protection were employed …

Facebook Stories October 12, 2018

Facebook details what information hackers accessed from 30 millions users

Two weeks ago, Facebook announced that a flaw with its “View As” feature allowed hackers to compromise up to 50 million accounts. Today, the company is out with more specific details on the security breach and has shared exactly what information was stolen and for how many users.

Facebook takes down fake accounts with millions of followers in run-up to US midterms

Facebook says it has taken down hundreds of fake accounts with millions of followers in the run-up to the US midterm elections …

Facebook Stories October 8, 2018

Since January, Facebook has been rumored to be developing a video conferencing device. Today, just ahead of Google announcing its own Assistant Smart Display, the social media network unveiled the Facebook Portal and Portal+.

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Facebook Stories October 3, 2018

Facebook’s efforts to compete head-on with Snapchat have been incredibly clear thanks to features like Stories. Now, the company is planning to revive its unpopular ‘Nearby Friends’ feature with a new Snapchat-like interface. While the Facebook location sharing feature has never been too popular, the company hopes this redesign could spur new interest.

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Facebook hack update: no evidence of any access to third-party apps

One of the concerns raised by the recent Facebook hack was whether access tokens might have provided access to third-party apps. The company now says there is ‘no evidence’ that this has happened …

Facebook Stories September 28, 2018

Facebook admits cyber attack may have exposed info from 50 million accounts to hackers

Just after confirming the controversial practice of using 2FA phone numbers to send targeted ads to  Facebook users, the platform has discovered a flaw that’s left at least 50 million accounts compromised to attackers.

Facebook Stories September 25, 2018

Instagram co-founders leave Facebook, hint that they will create an all-new app

Update: Facebook shares have fallen 2% in pre-market trading, which would wipe $11B from the company’s market cap if unchanged by the time the market opens.

Instagram’s two founders, who have continued work on the app since it was acquired by Facebook six years ago, have announced that they are leaving Facebook to work on something new …

Facebook Stories September 20, 2018

Facebook works with Republican and Democratic groups to fight fake election news

Facebook has announced that it has created a ‘war room’ to fight the spread of fake news in the run up to the US midterms, as well as elections in Brazil …

Facebook Stories September 5, 2018

Senate Intelligence Committee to grill Facebook and Twitter on election interference countermeasures

Facebook’s COO and Twitter’s CEO will be appearing before Congress today to defend their failure to prevent Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, and to explain what they are doing to prevent state-sponsored interference in the November midterms.

Google was also asked to appear, but it seems unlikely to do so …

Facebook Stories August 29, 2018

State-sponsored disinformation campaign ‘significantly bigger’ than first reported

A state-sponsored disinformation campaign identified on Facebook and Twitter is significantly bigger than it first appeared, says a new report …

Facebook Stories August 24, 2018

Google and other tech giants discussing countermeasures to election disinformation

Google is one of more than a dozen tech giants meeting today to discuss countermeasures for state-sponsored disinformation campaigns on their platforms during the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections …

Facebook Stories August 23, 2018

2018 elections cannot be saved from foreign interference, says former Facebook security head

Facebook’s former security head, Alex Stamos, has said that it is now too late for America to prevent foreign interference in this year’s midterm elections. Stamos left Facebook earlier this month, reportedly unhappy with the limited transparency of the company in disclosing Russian abuse of the platform …

Facebook Stories August 1, 2018

Facebook has announced tools to help people monitor and control their usage of both the main Facebook app and Instagram

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Facebook Stories July 26, 2018

Facebook shares fall 25% as company reveals impact of privacy issues

Facebook saw as much as $150B wiped from its value as after-market trading saw the share price fall by 25%. This followed the company warning that its profit margin is likely to fall from its current 44% to the mids-30s for more than two years …

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