Facebook Stories February 11

How to automatically share your Instagram Story to Facebook on Android

If you’re working extremely hard to make content for your Instagram Story, you might as well share it on Facebook too, right? Well, you’re in luck because Instagram makes that extremely easy to do. Here’s how…

Facebook Stories February 9

Facebook testing Downvote button, but says it’s not a Dislike

Perhaps the single most requested Facebook feature has been the one the company has been determined not to offer: a Dislike button …

Facebook Stories January 19

Facebook will ask users to rank news source trustworthiness in latest major update

In addition to the major changes Facebook announced for its News Feed last week, the social media service will begin ranking news sources based on trustworthiness. Rather than determining news source trustworthiness itself, Facebook will let users decide.

Facebook Stories January 16

Facebook promises to ‘massively simplify and streamline cluttered Messenger app’

Facebook’s messaging lead has acknowledged that the Messenger app has become ‘too cluttered.’ The company’s VP of messaging products, David Marcus, promised a major simplification of the app this year …

Facebook Stories January 8

Amit Fulay, Head of Google Allo and Duo, departs for Facebook

After spending the last 7.5 years at Google, Amit Fulay, most recently Head of Product for Google Allo and Google Duo, has left the search giant for Facebook…

Facebook Stories December 4, 2017

Facebook is about to rollout a version of Messenger aimed specifically at kids, known as Messenger Kids. The emphasis is on safety, with all contacts having to be approved by parents.

The app will be iOS-only when it launches in the next few days, with an Android version to follow later in the month …

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