Facebook Stories July 11

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Facebook Messenger expanding ads effort to users worldwide

Facebook Messenger’s head of product, Stan Chudnovsky shared today that the app’s ads beta will roll out to users worldwide. The ads will be similar to those found on Instagram and Facebook and focus on creating conversations between users and businesses.

Facebook Stories June 23

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Facebook expands work with non-profits to remove & counter extremist videos

In the same week YouTube announced that it will be working with non-profit organizations to help identify and remove extremist videos from its platform, Facebook is expanding a similar initiative …

Facebook Stories June 22

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Facebook testing feature to protect profile photos from download or misuse

Facebook is testing a new feature designed to protect profile photos from being downloaded. The aim is to make women in particular feel more comfortable about uploading their photo to the service.


Facebook Stories June 6

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Without actually announcing anything, the Facebook application on the Google Play Store has been updated to also work on Android TV. Don’t get too excited just yet as the application on your big screen won’t actually resemble the news feed found on the web or on your phone. What Facebook does bring to Android TV are all of the different videos that you see plastered around the social network…

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Facebook Stories June 2

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Code spotted inside the main Facebook app contains some pointers to plans by the company to launch a new chat app aimed specifically at teens.

The app, whose actual or working name is Talk, looks set to contain some features likely to prove popular with teens, and others not so much …

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Facebook Stories May 26

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Yale/UC study finds extensive Facebook usage decreases health & happiness

A large-scale study jointly carried out by academics from Yale University and the University of California has concluded that greater than average use of Facebook decreases both mental health and happiness …

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