Regulations in the United States enacted by the USDA require chain restaurants to include the caloric content of menu items right on the menus themselves. Restaurants do their best to get around this requirement, however, by oftentimes printing the calorie information in small, faint type that’s hard to see or even notice. Fortunately, Google is here to help, putting caloric and other nutritional information only as far away as an “OK Google” command.

Now when you input a query like “calories in a [X popular restaurant item],” Google will return the caloric content in a card above the search results as well as a card to the right with full nutritional information of the item in question. You can also modify the item to see how many calories are in a McDonald’s Big Mac without sauce.

Some of these restaurant-lookup features have been in Google search for some time now, including the ability to see full chain menus, but what’s new here—at least according to Google—is that these are all available from within the Google apps for iOS and Android. It doesn’t hurt that this information might somehow feed into Google Fit in the future.

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