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HTC is really struggling to sell its One M9 flagship, and personally, I don’t think that today’s new ads are going to help it very much. The company has released three new spots to show off some features of the One M9—selfies, sound, and speed—through “blind test” videos, comparing the handset to the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Of course, the M9 wins in all three tests…

These videos are short and end before you even get a chance to see what’s happening. And the selfie one is kind of weird. Ignoring the fact that the phone’s rear camera is definitely subpar compared to the competition, HTC stages three dudes in black Morphsuits to come in and make what is an otherwise sunny beach day very dark for the lady taking her picture.

This just seems like desperation for the Taiwanese company. Sure, the HTC One M9 might take slightly better low-light selfies, sport the usual BoomSound speakers, and have an interface that’s slightly faster to navigate than the Galaxy S6. But as a whole, as we told you in our review, the One M9 is stuck in the past. And it doesn’t really stack up against the LG G4, the S6, or even last year’s Nexus 6.

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