The Moto X Style — called Moto X Pure Edition in the US — phones we got to play with at the end of today’s event were obviously very pure Android and with their much larger displays and heavy batteries very much reminiscent of the Nexus 6 that I’m carrying around. The one big and important difference is the Sony 21MP shooter on the back that in limited testing makes all the difference.

Having used an LG G4 for the past month as my daily, the Moto X and G for that matter are substantial in their heft. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be noticeable.  The very vanilla Android 5.1.1 experience is exactly what you’d expect – very Nexus 6-y and speedy.


For me, there are 2 questions that remain: Is the camera as good as is being touted and is the weight worth the extra battery life. Stay tuned, we’l have answers soon.

Speaking of that we’ve got our Moto G and our “headgear” (moto-surround and moto-pulse)  which we’ll be reviewing over the next week or so.

Overall, a strong showing from Motorola and with the hint of more to come this year an exciting time for the Lenovo subsidiary.

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