One of the most exciting new features that popped up in the first Developer Preview of Android Marshmallow was a “Dark” system theme option. While it didn’t do much besides change the background colors of the Settings app, it seemed to be the beginnings of what could have been a system-wide dark theme. Then, the feature disappeared in Developer Preview 2, and its fate was left unclear — until now. For now, the dark mode in Android M is dead, but it might just make a comeback…

The following was written by a Googler on the Android Developer Preview Issue Tracker (via Android Police):

Thanks for the suggestion. Our development team has looked into this feature request. This will not be included in the M release. However, this may be considered for future releases.

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So that’s that. While many assumed the incomplete feature wouldn’t be making it into Marshmallow (especially seeing as it wasn’t reintroduced with Developer Preview 3), we now have final confirmation. But fret not, as this Googler says that it may be reconsidered for future releases — and there are plenty of features coming with Android M that are still worth being excited about. In case you missed them, be sure to check out my roundups of the new stuff we noticed in Developer Preview 1 and Developer Preview 2.


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