dark mode Stories March 20

Google Keep Notes for Android readying dark mode [APK Insight]

The Material Theme revamp of Google Keep Notes last October was followed by complaints of the stark white background being too bright. A Googler at the time recognized the need for a dark mode, with version today confirming development.

dark mode Stories March 4

In recent weeks, more and more Google apps and services have adopted dark modes. The latest is now Chrome for Android’s UI, but only in the experimental Canary channel. Also in development is a new tab switcher that presents card previews as a grid rather than a list.

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dark mode Stories February 26

Google Help Center gets built-in dark mode on the web for troubleshooting, tutorial pages

If you’ve ever had a problem with a Google product, odds are you ended up on the company’s Help Center for troubleshooting tips. Recently, Google has quietly added an official dark mode to the Help Center – here’s how to enable it.

dark mode Stories February 19

Dark mode lovers have already been rejoicing in the upcoming release of Chrome for Android’s own version of dark mode, since we demonstrated an early version in Chrome 73 beta. In that demo, it was only Chrome’s own UI that was being darkened, but Google has bigger ambitions for its web browser’s dark mode on Android. A new code change indicates that Chrome for Android will recolor web pages themselves when using the browser’s upcoming dark mode.

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dark mode Stories January 19

As a leak of Android Q confirmed earlier this week, dark modes will play an important role in the next version of the mobile operating system. Google has been revamping apps in recent weeks to feature the other theme, with more updates planned. Now, Google Assistant appears to be the latest service due for a dark mode.

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dark mode Stories January 7

Google will soon be testing a dark mode in Chrome for Android, continuing the effort to conform their browser to the recent trend toward darker, sleeker apps, and saving battery life along the way.

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