Although Google isn’t yet rolling out Android Marshmallow to the masses (it’s currently rumored that the rollout will begin on October 5th), many users are this morning waking up to an automatically-updated Google Now Launcher, sporting a design that might be familiar to those who have taken a look at the Android M developer preview

While a lot of the features in Android M won’t see your phone until next month at the earliest, some features of Android Marshmallow… aren’t really features of Android Marshmallow at all. The Google app was recently pushed to version 5.3, and with this version — which is finally hitting the majority of phones over-the-air more than a week since it first made an appearance — users are noticing that they now have the vertical app drawer complete with a search bar.

If you aren’t yet seeing the vertical app drawer on your device (and you’re running the Google Now Launcher of course), be sure to head over to the Play Store and make sure you have the latest version of the freely-available Google app.

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