Spotify has updated its Android app to include local live concert discovery. The new feature, named Concerts, arrived on the popular streaming app this morning and uses similar technology to the Discover Weekly feature. It uses its knowledge of your favorite artists and listening habits to recommend live acts worth seeing nearby.

Our new Concerts feature lets you know when your favorite artists announce new concerts near you so you’ll never miss another show. And for artists, it’s easier than ever to get the word out to fans about new concerts. On your phone, simply open the Browse tab on Spotify and select Concerts to see a personalized list of what’s playing nearby.

If you’re travelling you can hit ‘change location’ and find concerts for the artists you enjoy all over the world. The Concerts feature uses Songkick’s services to gather information, and uses knowledge of your music listening patterns to determine the bands and singers you like, and those you might like to discover.

As with any location-based service, how great this is depends heavily on where you live. Sadly if, like me, you live in a remote city miles from anywhere, you’re likely just to be reminded that there are no concerts near you. Ever.

You can download the update app from the Play Store now.

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