Back when Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 5 and its dual-curved partner, the S6 Edge Plus, it disappointed a lot of hopeful customers by announcing the S-Pen-equipped phablet would not be released in Europe. At least, not immediately. According to two separate reports, Samsung has plans to finally bring the Note 5 to mainland Europe and the UK next month.

Both Android Central and UK-based tech site, Gadgette, were given information by trusted sources stating that the Galaxy Note 5 would be made available to buy in the EU in January. Incidentally, the source speaking to Gadgette was the same which informed them that a UK announcement wasn’t on the cards back in August.

Samsung is yet to confirm a specific European release schedule, but it’s certainly interesting timing to say the least. The Korean tech giant is rumored to be planning a major announcement for the upcoming Galaxy S7 during the first couple of months of 2016. If the Note 5 launch goes ahead as scheduled, a Galaxy S7 launch would certainly take the shine off its launch.

No pricing has been mentioned for the Note 5 so far, but we’d guess confidently that it’ll sit right near the top end, between £600-£800 in the UK. Meanwhile, in the US, the Galaxy Note 5 has been out long enough that it’s starting to see some healthy discounts. You can now pick one up for as little as $620 unlocked on Amazon, or from $615 on eBay and — as far as we’re concerned — it’s one of the best phones to come out in 2015.

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