In the past, we’ve seen developers get Game Boy Advance games working on Android Wear watches. It’s not entirely practical for a number of reasons, but it’s still kind of fun and cool. There is now a Space Defender-esque game for Wear that was released as an Android Experiments app.

PaperCraft is a “Material Design inspired space shooter” for Android Wear and works surprisingly well despite the screen size and performance limitations. The object of the game is to shoot down different shapes with your triangular spaceship. The levels get progressively harder as you advance on in the game. The extent of this being Material Design inspired is the black Material wallpaper you move across and the Material ripple effect when enemy ships get destroyed.

Navigation is done through dragging your finger back and forth across the screen. PaperCraft has leaderboards and achievements that are synced through Play Games. It’s a fun and quick game to play when you have a moment to spare and it keeps your place when you exit out. Keep in mind the battery ramifications of PaperCraft, as I noticed a 3% battery decline on my first-generation Moto 360 after two minutes of play. Performance happens to be quite smooth even on an older watch.

It’s a rather hefty, but free 17MB download from the Play Store that takes a minute or two to sync over Bluetooth to your watch.

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