Facebook is testing a minor Material Design-inspired refresh for its messaging app, Messenger. The addition of the floating action button (FAB) is the biggest and most notable change, but there are some other minor design tweaks and a new feature that allows multiple user sign-ins.

The FAB replaces the blue bar on the bottom of the screen and is present on the conversations list, group messages, and the contacts lists. Tapping the button will bring up the option to start a new message, make a call, create a group message, add a contact, and search through your messages. Messenger now looks cleaner and users can see slightly more content. Other visual tweaks include a transparent status bar and refreshed icons.

In the past, Messenger did not allow users to sign out or have multiple accounts. The former task could only be done by deleting and re-downloading the app. In the settings pane, there is now an accounts option that allows users to add and switch between several profiles. Those accounts will stay logged in and users have the option of requiring a password every time the account is switched.

The update appears to be rolling out randomly server-side. However, quite a few users are seeing the update, so expect it sooner than later.

(Images via Reddit)

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