Earlier this month, Nextbit announced that its Robin smartphone would ship to their first 1,000 backers in mid-February and everyone else by the end of next month. In an update to their Kickstarter backers today, however, they announced that the CDMA variant of the phone will be delayed through April due to unforeseen issues.

Citing apparent over optimism on their part, Nextbit says that development and testing schedules make April a more realistic release date. They don’t know exactly when in April due to factors outside of their control. The company didn’t originally plan to make a CDMA variant of the phone until they saw the reaction for one on Kickstarter.

Nextbit has an interesting approach to cloud storage where users are given 100GB to offload apps, photos, and other data. When users approach filling up their 32GB of internal storage, the phone will archive the least used items. The Robin has similar specifications to the Nexus 5X with the only notable difference being an extra 1GB of RAM. Otherwise, they have the same processor, amount of storage, and screen size. Both 32GB variants come in at $399, after the 5X’s recent permanent price cut.

The GSM units are still on schedule to ship next month, and Nexbit has announced they’re going to begin taking orders again on February 16th.

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