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September 2015 - August 2017

Robin is packing a 5.2-inch 1080p IPS display covered by Gorilla Glass 4. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and 100GB of cloud storage, which plays into how Robin never runs out of space.  Inside we also have a 2,680 mAh battery, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, and even a fingerprint sensor built into the lock button on the side. Around the front you’ll find a 5-megapixel camera and dual front facing speakers, and around the backside we have a 13-megapixel camera, dual-LED flash, along with Nextbit’s cloud logo and some LED indicators that assist with the phone’s functionality.

Nextbit Robin Stories August 1, 2017

Nextbit took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to make the surprising announcement that effective today, it will no longer support its ‘cloud smartphone’ sleeper hit, the Robin. This comes just months after the startup company was bought by Razer, and keeps in line with Nextbit’s original announcement following the acquisition.

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Nextbit Robin Stories June 5, 2017

Moto Z Play and Nextbit Robin pick up Android 7.1.1 upgrades

When budget Android smartphones hit the market, they don’t often come with the promise of lots of future updates. Motorola has done well in the past with this, and startup Nextbit pushed well over a dozen updates to the Robin. Now, both of these companies are pushing Google’s latest OS to very affordable and solid Android smartphones ─ the Nextbit Robin and Moto Z Play.

Nextbit Robin Stories March 24, 2017

Android Nougat is now available for the Nextbit Robin with a new privacy policy in tow

Nextbit started testing out Android Nougat for the Robin late last year, but this week the update is officially rolling out to all Robin owners. The final release version carries update number 88 and brings along with it various new features, an updated security patch, and a new privacy policy as well.

Nextbit Robin Stories November 22, 2016


Android Nougat has been out in the wild for some time now, but for third parties — especially the less resourceful ones — it can be hard to stay on track. About a year from the original announcement of Robin, however, Nextbit seems to be up to the task, and a preview of the software is now rolling out

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Nextbit Robin Stories September 10, 2016

Paranoid Android 2016

Paranoid Android is a ROM that gets a lot of attention from the Nexus, Oppo, and OnePlus communities due to its stock Android appearance and useful features added atop Google’s mobile operating system. With today’s announcement, the hard-working people at Paranoid have announced official support for the Nextbit Robin

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Nextbit Robin Stories July 27, 2016

Teased ‘Ember’ Nextbit Robin is now available in a red and black dual-tone for $299

As teased during a separate announcement earlier this month, Nextbit has released a red variant of the Robin. The “Ember” model features a dual-tone red and black design that is quite stark. Best of all, this variant is available for the same $299 sale price on Nextbit’s online store.

Nextbit Robin Stories July 7, 2016


In addition to being an Android OEM, Nextbit is also a cloud storage company that helps users manage their data to make sure storage is never an obstacle. Today, Nextbit announced it has been working on a web client to access photos and other data. In addition, the company also showed off a previously-unseen red model of the Robin…

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Nextbit Robin Stories June 23, 2016


Nextbit’s marquee feature for the Robin intelligently manages storage by backing it up to the cloud for easy access and restore. Now a new version of Nextbit OS launching in Q4 hopes to deliver significantly longer battery life through similar intelligence too.

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Nextbit Robin Stories June 15, 2016

Nextbit 2015-09-01 10-12-59

One of the benefits of expanded usage of social networks is the ease through which customers and companies interact with one another. Relatively new ones — like OnePlus, for instance — owe much to their communities, and often offer them ways to be more involved with the company’s decisions.

In fact, another newcomer in the smartphone game — Nextbit — is announcing that it’s taking a similar approach…

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Nextbit Robin Stories May 25, 2016

Nextbit Robin hits India, will sell for just 19,999 Rupees ($295) from May 30th

The Nextbit Robin — a cloud powered smartphone that we happen to like a lot — has made its way to India. Customers wanting to grab the Robin in India can do so exclusively from Flipkart, where it will cost 19,999 Rupees (roughly $296), that’s around $100 cheaper than it was at launch in the US.

Nextbit Robin Stories May 4, 2016

Cloud-powered Nextbit Robin smartphone now available for just $299 on Amazon (Reg. $399)

Nextbit has announced via a short blog post that it’s kicking off a limited time sale to celebrate its phone, the Robin, landing on Amazon. Between today and May 10th, you can order the Nextbit Robin for $299 SIM-free and unlocked in either Mint (green/white) or Midnight (navy). That’s $100 (25%) cheaper than it would normally cost to order from Nextbit direct. For $300, this phone is no slouch.

Nextbit Robin Stories April 27, 2016


The Nextbit Robin is getting updated to Android 6.0.1 today and with it comes an overhauled camera app and better battery life, performance, and audio. Additionally, Nextbit has announced a collaboration to make high-end headphones and the Robin is now on sale at Amazon.

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Nextbit Robin Stories March 17, 2016

Nextbit cancels CDMA Robin model, blames lengthy and costly carrier approval process

Nextbit faced a slight shipping delay with the Robin earlier this year, but for the most part was the rare Kickstarter success story. However, they have announced that they are canceling the CDMA version of their phone. At fault is the slow and pricey carrier approval process that would have meant further delays.

Nextbit Robin Stories February 25, 2016


Nextbit didn’t have an official presence at MWC this week. There was no press event, or new release, just a small meeting room at the back of one of the halls. Members of the press could go and meet the company’s chiefs and PR team to get their hands on the Robin, the manufacturer’s breakthrough product which utilizes the power of the cloud to keep storage space free on the device. I tried the Nextbit Robin for a few minutes, and fell in love, but I’m not entirely sure why…

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Nextbit Robin Stories February 12, 2016


Meet Robin, Nextbit’s new flagship smartphone. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this phone right now and we’re going to get into the box and see what it’s all about. The fancy pants packaging you see in the video below is not actually what you’ll get when you purchase this smartphone. They sent us a special care package with Robin for review purposes, but we’ll go over the contents of the retail packaging in this video as well…

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Nextbit Robin Stories January 22, 2016

Nextbit delays CDMA Robin variant until April, taking new orders on February 16th

Earlier this month, Nextbit announced that its Robin smartphone would ship to their first 1,000 backers in mid-February and everyone else by the end of next month. In an update to their Kickstarter backers today, however, they announced that the CDMA variant of the phone will be delayed through April due to unforeseen issues.

Nextbit Robin Stories January 6, 2016


The Nextbit Robin is a beautifully designed Android phone with an interesting take on storage. The Kickstarter backed project will be shipping GSM units to its first thousand backers on February 16th, while the rest will receive their devices by the end of February.

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Nextbit Robin Stories November 2, 2015


Nextbit’s Robin is a new smartphone that’s primary goal is to eliminate the lack of smartphone storage. Robin uses the cloud and intelligently archives stuff you don’t use or need often, while backing it up to the cloud. Recently, we took a trip to Nextbit HQ for a closer look at Robin and to see what it’s all about…

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Nextbit Robin Stories September 17, 2015


While we haven’t yet gotten our hands on the Nextbit Robin, it’s definitely a bit different than most of the other smartphone offerings we’ve seen this year. On top of its cloud-first features, the phone has also been popular for its design and price. Now, Nextbit has announced that the phone is supporting another carrier: Verizon. expand full story

Nextbit Robin Stories September 16, 2015

Nextbit’s Robin passes $1 million in funding in just 2 weeks

Just a couple of weeks ago, we told you about the Nextbit Robin, a new smartphone that wants to help you become one with the cloud via an innovative new user experience. It appears that the phone is certainly popular, managing to pass $1 million in Kickstarter funding. And that amount was the campaign’s stretch goal, meaning that everyone that has ordered one will now be getting a quick charger as a bonus…

There are a lot of really intriguing offerings with the Robin, so it’s no wonder that it has managed to catch the eye of the most dedicated Android enthusiasts. For instance, with the Robin, you’ll find that the phone dynamically offloading apps and other content to make room if you’re in a crunch. Bringing them back is just a few taps away. The theory is that running out of storage space should be history with this phone.

On top of its fancy cloud features, the phone sports the popular Snapdragon 808 system-on-a-chip, a 5.2-inch IPS LCD 1080p display, and 3 GB RAM. You’ll find a 13-megapixel main shooter with phase detection autofocus, a dual tone flash, and a 5-megapixel sensor around front. All of this is powered by a hefty 2680 mAh battery. The phone has 32 GB of onboard storage, but the Robin also brings 100 GB of online storage.

If this sounds interesting, be sure to head over to Kickstarter and pledge $349 to grab one (although this is a Kickstarter campaign, so technically anything could happen). If nothing else, the phone seems to have Nexus 5 (2015)-level specs and a price tag that’s more than reasonable.

Nextbit Robin Stories September 1, 2015

At this point, it seems like smartphones are coming to market just about as fast as apps. Today, Nextbit, a team made up of former engineers from Google, Apple, and other well-known names in the tech space, has announced their own smartphone entry. It’s called the Robin, and it packs a beautiful and simple design, great-but-sub-flagship specifications, and a cloud-first user experience… expand full story

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