Nextbit Stories October 16, 2017

The first alleged image of Razer’s upcoming phone shows off a lot of Nextbit influence

Razer has been rumored to be working on its own smartphone for quite some time now, and on November 1st, we’ll seemingly find out all the details at the company’s “biggest unveil” ever. Now, we’re getting our first peek at what might be that phone.

Nextbit Stories January 30, 2017

Nextbit 2015-09-01 10-12-59

Nextbit hasn’t been on the smartphone scene long and its first attempt, the Robin, hasn’t been super successful at least in terms of pushing units. However, the talent at Nextbit is clearly valuable, and now the company has announced that it has been acquired by Razer…

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Nextbit Stories November 22, 2016


Android Nougat has been out in the wild for some time now, but for third parties — especially the less resourceful ones — it can be hard to stay on track. About a year from the original announcement of Robin, however, Nextbit seems to be up to the task, and a preview of the software is now rolling out

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Nextbit Stories July 7, 2016


In addition to being an Android OEM, Nextbit is also a cloud storage company that helps users manage their data to make sure storage is never an obstacle. Today, Nextbit announced it has been working on a web client to access photos and other data. In addition, the company also showed off a previously-unseen red model of the Robin…

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Nextbit Stories June 23, 2016


Nextbit’s marquee feature for the Robin intelligently manages storage by backing it up to the cloud for easy access and restore. Now a new version of Nextbit OS launching in Q4 hopes to deliver significantly longer battery life through similar intelligence too.

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Nextbit Stories June 15, 2016

Nextbit 2015-09-01 10-12-59

One of the benefits of expanded usage of social networks is the ease through which customers and companies interact with one another. Relatively new ones — like OnePlus, for instance — owe much to their communities, and often offer them ways to be more involved with the company’s decisions.

In fact, another newcomer in the smartphone game — Nextbit — is announcing that it’s taking a similar approach…

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