In the past, all sharing notifications involving Google Drive files were handled through email. However in November, Google added the ability for the Drive apps to send notifications. An update rolling out today finally adds settings to control these notifications from the mobile apps.

Until recently, users would have to go to settings on the web in order to control what notifications are sent. Users can now access these settings in any of the Drive apps. Unfortunately, notification settings are not applied on an app-by-app basis, but rather changes apply to Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Users cannot turn off notifications for one app, while keeping it on for other services.

In settings, users have the ability to change the notification sound, vibration controls, and what exactly to be notified about. Google Sheets is also getting an update on the web where users can name a range of cells so that they’re easier to keep track of and use in formulas. Renamed ranges will also show up in the Android Sheets app.

The updated apps are rolling out now on Android, but it has yet to be updated in iOS.


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