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Google Drive adds ability to control sharing notifications on mobile

In the past, all sharing notifications involving Google Drive files were handled through email. However in November, Google added the ability for the Drive apps to send notifications. An update rolling out today finally adds settings to control these notifications from the mobile apps.


Drive for Android adds sharing notifications, access to shared files without a Google account

Google-Drive-update-nov-2015Google Drive updates arriving today include new features for the Android app including sharing notifications and the ability to share with people without a Google account.

As part of its Drive mobile app updates today, both users of the iOS and Android apps can now enable notifications for when files are shared with them. Not only is it a notification, but it also acts as a quick links to jump right into the file or folder. And in addition, Google notes that “If a file/folder owner has notifications turned on and someone requests access to their content, the owner will be notified of the request instantly on their mobile device so they can quickly grant access.”

And while the Google Drive iOS app is getting what Google describes as a new consistent sharing experience (essentially bringing it up to par with Android), Android users are getting the ability to share with people without a Google account:

Until now, a Google Account was needed to view shared files on an Android device. Now, people can do this without a Google Account just like they can on the web.

The updated Google Drive app for Android is available now.