We might have had our first look at Android N late last week, but now it looks like we might already be getting another one. In a tweet from the official Google Maps Twitter account, a Nexus 6P is seemingly shown without an app drawer…

Rumors have been flying around lately suggesting that the upcoming release of Android N might ditch the app drawer (which we think is a terrible idea), and the evidence just keeps stacking up. Mobile World Congress came and went with many Android OEMs leaving the app drawer behind in their own versions of Android (its absence on the LG G5 was especially notable), a report surfaced from Android Authority last week, and now we have yet another piece of evidence.

As you can see in the below tweet, the video seems to show what is Google’s latest flagship Nexus 6P without an app drawer in sight. Admittedly the home screen shown is almost definitely a render and doesn’t exactly look like a typical home screen would, but this is official content straight from Google nonetheless. Oddly, in place of an app drawer, the phone shows three apps along the bottom row of the launcher, all sized larger than normal. Also of note, the Google app is oddly named “Search” in this video.

Another weird thing here is that the Google Now screen seems to be gone on this theoretical future version of the Google Now launcher. As of the current version, the left-most dot on the home screen is reserved for the Google Now screen. In this video, the left-most dot is used for this odd new home screen.

Check it out below, and let us know what you think in the comments. I’m thinking this is just a lazy render done by an intern.

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