app drawer Stories March 28, 2016

lg g5

When LG launched the G5 at its event in Barcelona last month, it took us a little by surprise that the company was following the trend of Chinese OEMs and ditching the Android app drawer. With the device’s official retail launch just a few days away, it seems the manufacturer has changed its mind.

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app drawer Stories February 29, 2016

Google Maps on Twitter: %22Run Forrest Run! Or walk, or drive, or bike. #MapsAtTheMovies… 2016-02-29 11-28-50

We might have had our first look at Android N late last week, but now it looks like we might already be getting another one. In a tweet from the official Google Maps Twitter account, a Nexus 6P is seemingly shown without an app drawer…

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app drawer Stories February 23, 2016

app drawer

One of the main reasons why so many people love Android is its famous customisability. Google’s OS is notoriously flexible, and despite being already available in a variety of different forms thanks to the OEMs’ re-skinning, the hundreds of apps present on the Play Store allow for further personalization in almost every corner of the system. Toggles, widgets, icon packs and entire lock screen replacements are just a few of the categories of things Android can be user-modified with.

However, particularly after Material Design‘s introduction and a general push towards cohesiveness and consistency across the system, the diverse adaptations of the OS have started to look more and more similar; be it thanks to whiter, more card-based menus, the use of similar toggle icons or the widely adopted carousel-like task switcher, among others, Android has finally started to look and feel instantly recognizable, even when buried deep underneath the oft-poor design decisions made by third parties…

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