Update: It looks like the update also has a new “Cool color temperature” toggle for using cooler display colors.

I wrote my thoughts on the Nexus 5X all the way back in November, and the gist of it was this: the Nexus 5X is great, but its performance just leaves a lot to be desired — especially for a phone with such better-than-average specs. People familiar with its development told me that there was a lot of internal strife regarding the Nexus 5X and its performance issues, but it seems that drama has finally resulted in some good. The March security update that was issued yesterday packs some extra goodies for Nexus 5X owners…

According to one GoogleNexusCM Redditor (who is apparently a verified Googler), the update also packs some bug fixes that will “improve overall stability, connectivity, and performance”:

I wanted to give some clarification around this, and specifically let you all know that an OTA update will begin rolling out today for the Nexus 5X. We have listened to your feedback, and this update includes a number of bug fixes that will improve overall stability, connectivity, and performance on the Nexus 5X. The March security update will be included with this OTA for the Nexus 5X.

In my previous experience, I mentioned that after doing a fresh factory reset, my Nexus 5X would simply get laggier and laggier until I needed to do another factory reset (or at least restart the device). These fixes seemed to remedy the situation temporarily, but no matter what the state of other variables (apps installed, charge level, etc.), I always found myself frustrated with a laggy phone after a day or two. While that might be understandable for some Android phones, a Snapdragon 808-powered device seemed more capable than that.

Hopefully this update will fix these performance issues I noticed as well as others. According to the aforementioned Googler, “the vast majority of the world (including major US carriers)” should use build MHC19J. You can find it at the factory image download page, and you can follow our guide to install it manually if you don’t want to wait for the OTA.


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