Google is today showing off redesigned apps for its AdWords advertising service that it says bring a completely reimagined experience based on user feedback.

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Among the changes, Google notes that you should now find it much easier to “execute and optimize campaigns based on your unique marketing objective,” and it has also tweaked the stats and insights it presents in an attempt to show users data most relevant to their ad campaigns. Overall, the design has been optimized to reduce clutter and improve workflows and in the process gets a Material Design makeover to bring it up to date with Google’s other apps. 

AdWords should be more about your business, and less about our product. We want everything to support the way you think about your business. From the way you express business goals to the way you measure and manage your ads, we want to make it super easy to execute and optimize campaigns based on your unique marketing objectives.

You want the data you care about at your fingertips. From the campaigns that drive the most profit to the percentage of traffic coming from mobile, we want to surface insights and help you visualize them in more actionable ways. By seeing the data most relevant to your business goals, you can spend more time optimizing campaigns and identifying opportunities.

And here’s a closer look at the redesign (click for full-size):


Google notes that the changes have been implemented based on customer feedback and that all active campaigns will continue to run uninterrupted as it transitions to the redesigned user experience.

It will start to roll out the redesigned AdWords experience by inviting select customers this year and throughout next to try it before launching it to all.

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