Last week, the first image of what is likely one of Lenovo’s next Moto devices revealed a front fingerprint sensor in place of dual speakers. Now, an image from Evleaks that shows a sketch of a ‘Moto G4 Plus’ with a similar sensor arrangement likely confirms that the image is legit…

In another tweet, Evleaks clarifies that we are indeed looking at the front of the device, below the G4’s display. Interestingly, the name suggests that the fourth generation Moto G will apparently come in a ‘Plus’ variant — assumably a device with similar specs but a larger screen. While Motorola has released different cellular versions of their lower-end devices in the past, the naming scheme would be new.

Not much has been rumored about the next Moto G, but a Lenovo exec said earlier in the year that all Moto devices would have a screen larger than 5-inches. We now can assume that the fingerprint sensor we saw in the possible Moto X image will at least exist on the ‘plus’ variant of the mid-range Moto G.

The WSJ has previously reported that Lenovo is aiming for a July launch and in a recent leak the next generation Moto E passed through an Indian import/export site. Now that we have a look at this sketch of the next Moto G, it seems all but confirmed that Lenovo will refresh the full lineup of Moto devices this year.

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