Lenovo Stories October 4

Lenovo ‘Legion Play’ leak shows off an Android-powered ‘cloud gaming console’

Gaming on the go has gotten quite a boost, thanks to cloud gaming services, and it seems Lenovo has plans to cash in on that trend with a new piece of hardware. This week, the “Lenovo Legion Play” has leaked as a “cloud gaming console” that runs Android.

Lenovo Stories September 8

Software issues plague some Lenovo smart displays, Google investigating

The first thought around Google Assistant smart displays is usually Google’s Nest Hub lineup, but there are some third-party options, too. Lenovo has offered a handful of smart display options for the past couple of years, but recent updates have left many with some very frustrating software issues.

Lenovo Stories September 7

After launching one of the first mainstream Chrome OS tablets in 2020, Lenovo is building on that success with its new Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5, a premium tablet with a bigger OLED display and other upgrades.

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Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is a 12.6-inch Android tablet w/ OLED display, Snapdragon 870, ‘Project Unity’

Continuing its Android tablet lineup, Lenovo is today introducing a new “flagship” model. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro brings upgraded specs, another big display, and a neat new software trick, too.

Lenovo Stories August 5

Lenovo may debut a flagship Android tablet w/ Snapdragon 888-powered ‘Tab P12 Pro’

Despite the demand for tablets increasing a bit in recent years, most Android tablets still focus on the low end of the market as Apple’s iPad dominates the higher end. Samsung has really been the only big name left in high-end Android tablets, but it seems like Lenovo may soon throw its hat into the ring with a Snapdragon 888-powered Android tablet.

Lenovo Stories June 28

At MWC 2021, Lenovo has unveiled a new series of Android tablets including the Yoga Tab 11 and Tab 13 that come pre-installed with Google’s new Entertainment Space.

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Lenovo Stories June 27

The smallest-ever Assistant Smart Display was announced by Lenovo in 2019, and it’s now getting a successor with the Smart Clock 2 that adds an optional wireless charging dock. 

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Lenovo Stories June 24

Ahead of MWC 2021, Lenovo has launched two brand-new Chrome OS-powered IdeaPad 5i and Flex 5i laptops to compete at the low to-mid-end of the market.

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Lenovo Stories May 27

[Update: Released in China] Lenovo teases a new Android tablet with HDMI input

Android tablets aren’t as relevant as they once were, but Lenovo has done a good job of at least trying to make them serve more than one purpose. After debuting Android tablets that double as Google Assistant speakers last year, Lenovo is apparently preparing to launch another tablet that supports HDMI input.

Lenovo Stories April 8

As far as gaming phones go, the brand-new Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 — stupid name — might be one of the weirdest so far.

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Lenovo Stories March 24

Lenovo has launched a series of new Chromebooks including the 14e Gen 2, 100e, 300e, and 500e Gen 3 with a major focus on the massive education sector.

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Lenovo Stories March 19

Barnes & Noble, Lenovo make a $130 Nook 10″ Android tablet with Google Kids Space

For its latest Nook device, Barnes & Noble partnered with Lenovo to create a branded Android tablet. The Nook 10-inch from Lenovo notably features Google Kids Space

Lenovo Stories March 18

Even though Stadia is in a weird place right now, Google’s cloud gaming service remains one of the best in terms of pure performance right now. If you were considering buying a laptop from Lenovo, you’ll be able to experience it for yourself, too, as the PC maker is bundling Stadia Pro with its Legion and IdeaPad laptops.

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Lenovo Stories January 7

Last year, Lenovo launched the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro as a high-end competitor to the iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Today, Lenovo is following that up with a mid-range Android tablet, the Tab P11, due out later this month.

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Lenovo Stories October 15, 2020

Despite all the reasons we love Chrome OS, the one major downside is that Chromebooks come with an expiration date, after which they’ll no longer receive updates. Google is now giving some Chromebooks just shy of nine years of guaranteed support.

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Lenovo Stories October 12, 2020

Lenovo has announced the ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook Enterprise, one of the only Chrome OS devices to offer a “pointing stick” cursor.

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Lenovo Stories September 21, 2020

Last year Lenovo debuted its Smart Clock, a Google Assistant form factor of its own that proved to be one of the best ways to bring the handy voice assistant into the bedroom. Now, the Lenovo Smart Clock is getting a handy new feature in the form of a night light.

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Lenovo Stories September 17, 2020

Lenovo USI Pen is now available for IdeaPad Duet, other devices

The IdeaPad Duet is one of the first Chrome OS tablets that actually matters, and one of its best features is support for the USI stylus standard. Now, Lenovo has released its own USI stylus, the simply named Lenovo USI Pen.

Lenovo Stories August 31, 2020

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 ushers in Google’s new ‘Kids Space’ feature for $129

Lenovo is debuting a new affordable Android tablet today that gives a small upgrade over last year’s Smart Tab M10. Most notably, though, this is the first tablet that supports Google’s new “Kids Space” feature.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential puts the Google Assistant on your bedside table for $49

Last year, the Lenovo Smart Clock was a great way to put the Google Assistant onto your bedside table. Today, Lenovo is unveiling the even more affordable Smart Clock Essential, with simple LEDs instead of a display.

When it comes to high-end tablets lately, the only options have been from Apple and Samsung. Now, Lenovo is throwing its hat into the ring with the new Lenovo P11 Pro.

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Lenovo Stories July 22, 2020

After leaking several times over the past few months, Lenovo has finally unveiled its first gaming smartphone. The Lenovo Legion “Phone Duel” packs high-end specs and several other enhancements for gamers.

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Lenovo Stories July 17, 2020

[Update: New image] Lenovo Legion leak shows side-mounted pop-up camera, 144Hz display

Lenovo teased earlier this year that it was working on a gaming smartphone, but the company still hasn’t officially announced it. Today, a detailed report from XDA reveals some interesting details about the Lenovo Legion phone, including its unique side-mounted pop-up camera.

Lenovo Stories July 10, 2020

Lenovo working on dual-purpose Android tablet and external monitor, ‘Yoga X’

One feature that Android fans have to be envious of the iPad for is Sidecar, the ability to use your iPad as an external display. It seems the folks at Lenovo are eyeing an interesting way to solve that by making an Android tablet that doubles as an external monitor, the “Yoga X.”

Lenovo Stories June 4, 2020

Lenovo Chromebook 3 quietly launches for $229 w/ 11-inch display, 4GB RAM

Lenovo is one of the biggest makers of affordable laptops running on Google’s Chrome OS and, now, there’s a brand new option. Available now, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 has quietly launched with an 11-inch display and base specs.

Lenovo Stories May 26, 2020

Lenovo’s upcoming ‘USI Pen’ arrives at FCC, looks perfect for the IdeaPad Duet

Thanks to the recent Universal Stylus Initiative (USI), it’s slowly becoming possible for fine-tuned, pressure-sensitive styluses to be cross-compatible between devices. Lenovo’s upcoming “USI Pen,” built to complement their recent IdeaPad Duet tablet, has just been revealed in detail by the FCC.

Lenovo Stories May 22, 2020

When you think of Chrome OS, you probably think of cheap laptops. For the past few years, though, Google has been working to make Chrome OS better for more expensive machines and, perhaps more importantly, for tablets. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet looks on paper like it would be the first good Chrome OS tablet, but does it live up? I’ve spent the past week finding out.

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Lenovo Stories May 18, 2020

One of the products I got to try at CES 2020 was Lenovo’s new Smart Frame, a 21-inch display that’s designed to blend in as a picture frame. It’s a really cool product, but it was begging for integration with Google Photos. Now, Lenovo has secured Google Photos integration for the Smart Frame and it’s announcing details on when and how you’ll be able to buy the product.

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Lenovo Stories May 12, 2020

If you use a touchscreen tablet or computer on a regular basis, you’ll probably know how useful a stylus can be for projects that need any sort of precision. To make things work a little better together, a new standard has arrived in the form of “USI” and Google has been pushing that stylus standard on Chrome OS devices. Thanks to some of that new hardware, I’ve had a chance to spend some time with USI — here’s what you need to know about it.

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Lenovo Stories May 11, 2020

Back at CES 2020 — January was just a different world, wasn’t it? — I was able to spend some time with one of the most exciting Chrome OS products in years, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet. Now, a few months later, that product is officially launching for $279. Is it any good? We’ll have a review soon, but here are a few first impressions after a weekend with the product.

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Lenovo Stories April 30, 2020

Of the many, many things we got to preview at CES 2020 back in January, there were two clear winners, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook which ended up being underwhelming for an overwhelming price, and an affordable Chrome OS tablet from Lenovo. The latter device, the IdeaPad Duet, has now appeared for pre-order at one retailer, possibly revealing its release date.

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Lenovo Stories February 13, 2020

Lenovo teases ‘Legion’ Android gaming phone w/ Snapdragon 865

Lenovo owns Motorola, but the company has its own brand in the smartphone space, too. Now, though, Lenovo’s “Legion” brand known for its gaming laptops may also be making the jump to a gaming phone.

Lenovo Stories January 15, 2020

Chrome OS tablets have only appeared a few times so far, but Lenovo may have beat them all with its IdeaPad Duet that we went hands on with at CES 2020. Today, Lenovo is announcing a few new products built for schools, and it includes another Chrome OS tablet, the Lenovo Chromebook 10e.

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Lenovo Stories January 9, 2020

Photos are a part of our daily lives, and thanks to cloud services, we can access our shots almost anywhere. At CES 2020 this week, Lenovo is showing off its new Smart Frame, and in person, it’s a gorgeous product that made me wish it could show what’s in my Google Photos library.

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Lenovo Stories January 6, 2020

The success of Chrome OS is thanks to the cheap Chromebooks that sell en masse, not the high-end models. At CES 2020 this week, we got a chance to spend some time with the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet, a Chrome OS tablet that ticks pretty much all of the boxes.

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At CES 2020 this week, Lenovo is taking the wraps off a lot of new products. Included in the company’s lineup of new laptops is a new 13-inch Chromebook, the Lenovo Flex 5, and it’s one of the first to include a 10th-Gen Intel processor.

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Lenovo Smart Frame is a 21-inch display that shows art on your wall

Perhaps the best part of a smart display is the ability to show pictures automatically from online storage sources. With Lenovo’s new Smart Frame, you’ll be able to display pictures on your wall with essentially a small TV.

Lenovo has been building out its smart home products for a couple of years now, and at CES 2020, the company has a couple more options to show off. Firstly, there’s the Lenovo Smart Tab M10, which is an Android tablet that works with Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode, all for an affordable price point.

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Chrome OS tablets are a great idea, but so far, none of the hardware has been able to strike the right chord. Today, Lenovo is revealing the Ideapad Duet Chromebook, a Chrome OS tablet that starts at $279 and seems to get a whole lot right.

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Lenovo Stories December 15, 2019

Last year’s Lenovo Chromebook C330 was a breath of fresh air in the budget market, but its successor misses the beat just a bit. After spending some time with the Lenovo Chromebook C340, I think the last generation was better. Here’s why.

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Lenovo Stories December 3, 2019

After the relative failure of the Pixel Slate and Google’s public decision to stop creating tablets, many thought that was the end of Chrome OS tablets. Defying that notion, it seems Lenovo has a Chrome OS tablet in the works for the near future, and they were looking for testers to try it out.

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Lenovo Stories November 8, 2019

The Android Go-powered Lenovo Tab M7 now available in the US for just $60

Good Android tablets are getting harder and harder to find, with Samsung being one of the few manufacturers to actually continue offering anything close to a high-end experience. However, the Lenovo Tab M7 offers you the lightweight Android Go in a tablet form for just $59.99.

Lenovo Stories September 26, 2019

Chromebooks are great because they auto-update to protect users against viruses and add new features as well. However, Google has a strict cut-off date for providing those updates. Out of the blue, Google recently gave several Lenovo Chromebooks a new lease on life with three more years of updates.

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Lenovo Stories September 5, 2019

Earlier this year, Lenovo debuted an Android tablet that doubled as an Alexa smart display. Now Lenovo is giving a pair of its Android tablets the same treatment, this time with Google Assistant Ambient Mode and prices starting at $119.

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Lenovo was the first partner Google ever had for Assistant smart displays, and now the company is adding on to its lineup with the Lenovo Smart Display 7 — a direct competitor to Google’s Nest Hub.

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Lenovo Stories August 30, 2019

A new report from tech research firm Counterpoint Research has shown that Nokia is at the top of the global rankings when it comes to Android software and security updates.

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Lenovo Stories August 29, 2019

Lenovo launching S340 Chromebook as Intel successor to the S330, starting at $249

Earlier this week, our Damien Wilde shared his love for the Lenovo S330 Chromebook, a budget-friendly (and ever-on-sale) favorite Chromebook. Following recent leaks, Lenovo has today announced a follow-up in the form of the S340 Chromebook, which features an Intel processor instead of MediaTek.

Lenovo’s latest Android tablets start at $89 w/ Android Pie and thinner bezels

Android tablets are far from popular, but some do offer affordable price points. Today, Lenovo is revealing the Tab M7 and Tab M8, two affordable Android tablets for 2019 that start at just $89.

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