Lenovo Stories October 19

It’s been a while now, but a few years back, the Moto X was my favorite line of smartphones. I loved the close-to-stock software, and having the ability to choose whatever colors and materials my phone was made of; it really gave off the feeling of a phone tailor-made for you, and only you.

After a two-year hiatus, Motorola is finally refreshing its enthusiast brand with the Moto X4, that ditches my beloved Moto Maker but brings a clean and familiar software experience and a much more modern design.

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Lenovo Stories August 18

Under its Lenovo ownership, Motorola is a very different company than the one we all knew and loved a few years back. The company is now releasing more phone models than ever before, and while this is something I’ve previously been critical of, it does appear to be part of a bigger strategy that is helping the company’s sales figures.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Lenovo Stories August 10

Lenovo Phab2 Pro: Year old Tango-enabled smartphone will not get Nougat upgrade

Google officially brought it’s Tango AR program to the public late last year with the release of Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro. Now, less than a year since it hit shelves, Lenovo has revealed via its support website that the company has no plans to upgrade any of the Phab2 handsets to Android Nougat…

Lenovo Stories August 9

While Lenovo kicks out smartphones under the Motorola Moto branding here in the United States, the company produces phones under its own name throughout various parts of the world. The Lenovo K8 Note is the latest flagship that was just announced, and for a price of just a little more than $200 USD, it looks to be a pretty killer deal.

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Lenovo Stories August 4

Ever since Lenovo first began selling smartphones in Indian markets in 2013, the company has layered the regular Android OS with a custom software skin called Vibe UI. However, after years of trying to refine and perfect this custom skin, Lenovo has made the decision to abandon it altogether in favor of stock Android.

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Lenovo Stories July 20

Last summer, Lenovo took the stage at Tech World in San Fransisco and announced a new line of modular smartphones. These were, of course, the Moto Z line of handsets. Now a year later, we’re hearing more about the successor to the more powerful and also incredibly thin model, the Moto Z2 Force thanks to a fresh leak…

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