Lenovo Stories September 17

Lenovo USI Pen is now available for IdeaPad Duet, other devices

The IdeaPad Duet is one of the first Chrome OS tablets that actually matters, and one of its best features is support for the USI stylus standard. Now, Lenovo has released its own USI stylus, the simply named Lenovo USI Pen.

Lenovo Stories August 31

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 ushers in Google’s new ‘Kids Space’ feature for $129

Lenovo is debuting a new affordable Android tablet today that gives a small upgrade over last year’s Smart Tab M10. Most notably, though, this is the first tablet that supports Google’s new “Kids Space” feature.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential puts the Google Assistant on your bedside table for $49

Last year, the Lenovo Smart Clock was a great way to put the Google Assistant onto your bedside table. Today, Lenovo is unveiling the even more affordable Smart Clock Essential, with simple LEDs instead of a display.

When it comes to high-end tablets lately, the only options have been from Apple and Samsung. Now, Lenovo is throwing its hat into the ring with the new Lenovo P11 Pro.

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Lenovo Stories July 22

After leaking several times over the past few months, Lenovo has finally unveiled its first gaming smartphone. The Lenovo Legion “Phone Duel” packs high-end specs and several other enhancements for gamers.

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Lenovo Stories July 17

[Update: New image] Lenovo Legion leak shows side-mounted pop-up camera, 144Hz display

Lenovo teased earlier this year that it was working on a gaming smartphone, but the company still hasn’t officially announced it. Today, a detailed report from XDA reveals some interesting details about the Lenovo Legion phone, including its unique side-mounted pop-up camera.

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