The Nextbit Robin is getting updated to Android 6.0.1 today and with it comes an overhauled camera app and better battery life, performance, and audio. Additionally, Nextbit has announced a collaboration to make high-end headphones and the Robin is now on sale at Amazon.

In addition to big fixes and April’s security patch, Android 6.0.1 adds an expanded emoji set. Nextbit notes additional tuning to the processor improves battery life and performance. The Robin’s camera — a complaint in early reviews — has also been optimized. The camera app received a complete overhaul and now takes better and faster pictures.

Tuning done to the Robin’s audio drivers should result in clearer sound from the built-in speakers and through headphones, especially at higher volumes. On the audio front, Nextbit announced a collaboration with AIAIAI to create a custom set of TMA-2 headphones. At $225, the high-end headphones feature a mint colored cable with button and mic. The collaboration also resulted in ringtones “that soothe the otherwise occasionally disturbing world of smartphone notifications.”

Lastly, the Robin is now available to purchase from Amazon’s Launchpad store for startups at $399 in mint or midnight. Previously, the phone was only available from Kickstarter and Nextbit’s store front.

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