Some people heavily rely on Evernote to take notes and keep track of tasks. With a new Google Drive integration, Evernote users will be able to add Docs, Slides, and Sheets into notes and quickly search for files stored in their Drive.

A new icon in the Evernote toolbar will bring up the native Google Drive file picker that features full sort and search capabilities. Files added to a note include a thumbnail preview, name, and last modified date. Previously, users would only see a non-descriptive and long Drive URL. Any changes made on Drive ā€” like a name change ā€” will automatically sync over to a user’s notes.

Evernote says the integration makes sense as “more than half of all Evernote users also have a Google Account.” Evernote’s blog post hints at more collaboration and tighter integration with Google products in the future.

The Google Drive feature is currently in beta and available for the web in Chrome and on the Android app. Other platforms will follow soon. To enable, users have to sign into this Evernote site and then enter their Google account credentials.


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