We went hands-on with the Moto Z and Moto Z Force earlier this year at Lenovo’s event in San Francisco, California. But now, as the phones are about to hit store shelves (or at least Verizon’s shelves), we’ve finally received our review units. While our full review(s) won’t drop until next week, we wanted to give you all an opportunity to ask about the phones — ask us anything!

Expect a quick unboxing to hit the site a little later today, but now that we really have some time to dig into the phones’ software and take a closer look at the Moto Mods (the Moto Insta-share projector, the Tumi Power Pack, and the JBL SoundBoost speaker), we want to have a bit of chat in case there’s something you’re wondering that hasn’t been touched on quite yet.

Hit up the comments below with any questions you might have. We have the standard Moto Z Droid, the Moto Z Force Droid, and the aforementioned Moto Mods (as well as the style mods!) on hand.

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In response to a question below, asking about the quality of the JBL Moto Mod:

Another question asked about max brightness:

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