Multi-tasking on Android has never been great and while it is getting some major improvements with Android Nougat, it still can’t beat a standard desktop OS. The goal of Jide’s Remix OS has always been to create an OS based on Android that does multi-tasking well, and after releasing the latest version last week, Remix OS 3.0 is now available for Google’s most recent tablets.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

This new Marshmallow-based build of Remix OS brings significant updates to multi-window such as the ability to automatically resize windows with a single button. The update also adds better support for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs along with helping out with overall stability.

Both downloads come in the form of torrent downloads, so you’ll need a torrent client in order to get to the required files to flash the ROM on either the Pixel C or the Nexus 9. Keep in mind of course that Google services are not pre-installed on these ROMs, but it’s not very¬†difficult to install it.

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