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September 2015 - November 2017

Pixel C Stories November 13, 2017

Google’s Pixel C tablet gets a huge price cut in the UK, still $599 in the US

It’s been nearly 2 years since Google released a proper tablet. Don’t get me wrong, the Pixelbook is a great machine, but sometimes a tablet is just better at times. I absolutely loved my time with the Pixel C back in the day, but it’s $599 price in 2017 is just ridiculous. Now, Google is giving its only tablet a price cut… at least in the UK.

Pixel C Stories March 20, 2017

Today Google pushed out the second public beta of Android 7.1.2 to Nexus and Pixel devices. For the most part, this update brought with it performance improvements, but the Pixel C got a refreshed look and feel as well as the addition of a new grid-style multitasking menu. Do you like the look of the new menu and think it should be the default on tablets?

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Despite having the same name as the Pixel smartphone, Google hasn’t shown the same favor to the Pixel C tablet. Where the Pixel phones have had early access to things like Google Assistant and to new software versions, the Pixel C has been treated like a Nexus ─ that’s to say kept up to date but not given any preferential treatment. However, that has seemingly changed today…

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Pixel C Stories January 31, 2017

Google no longer offers a 32GB model for the Pixel C tablet

Google hasn’t put much focus on tablets over the past year, but through everything, the company’s premium Pixel C tablet has persisted. However, recently the company has decided to remove one of the variants available for sale.

Pixel C Stories December 12, 2016

US, UK Google Store discounting 64GB Pixel C by $100 and keyboard accessory by $50

While Android tablets leave much to be desired, there is a clear winner if you are intending to buy one today. As named in our best tablets guide of 2016, the 64GB Pixel C and its cool magnetic keyboard is seeing a pretty hefty discount.

Pixel C Stories October 8, 2016


It’s been almost a year since I bought my first device with USB-C, the Nexus 6P. At first, the standard was still so young that it was pretty difficult to find accessories that worked properly and were actually useful. Fast forward to now and the market has changed, thanks in no small part to the growing number of USB C powered smartphones and tablets on the available today…

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