Sprint’s latest offering unveiled today adds an HD video streaming option with higher caps for other mobile usage to its Unlimited Freedom plans.

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For those customers who want to watch video, listen to music and stream games in higher resolution on their mobile devices, and for those wireless users who would like to stream movies and games on their HD TV, Sprint introduces Unlimited Freedom Premium. Now we offer two distinct options for customers who want unlimited

The old Unlimited Freedom plan offering 480p video streaming, game streaming up to 2Mbps, and music streaming up to 500Kbps for $60/month is still available, but a new $80 ‘Premium’ option will get you 1080p HD video streams, game streaming up to 8Mbps and music streaming up to 1.5Mbps. The plan also includes “unlimited high speed data for most everything else” according to Sprint. 

The carrier offered the following chart showing how the new Unlimited Freedom Premium plan compares to the competition:


You can sign up for the new plans through Sprint now, and its offering the new $80/month HD plan for the price of cheaper $60/month plan for a limited time.

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