Google Opinion Rewards has always been a great way to make a few bucks for apps, movies, and music, but there are two big issues. The first, regional limitations. Opinion Rewards isn’t available everywhere, so unless you live in a supported country, you can’t use it. Thankfully, Google is adding new countries all the time, most recently with France.

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With the latest update to Google Opinion Rewards, users in France will be able to participate in surveys to make a bit of money over time, but that’s not all they’re getting. In France, Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t just pay out with Google Play credits, rather, it pays out through PayPal (via Android Police).

This is a pretty big deal if you ask me. By offering payment outside of Google Play, Opinion Rewards becomes much more valuable since you can use it to make money to spend on anything, not just apps, movies, or music. If you’re in France and want to give Opinion Rewards a shot, it’s available over on Google Play.

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