Google Opinion Rewards Stories June 30, 2020

The Google Play Credit caching Opinion Rewards has now finally acquired the 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories March 23, 2020

Big data provides a wellspring of insight, and there are already examples of that amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Tech companies have signaled a willingness to aid relief efforts by providing such information to researchers. One such survey effort might be underway with Google Opinion Rewards today asking people if they have symptoms related to the coronavirus.

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories January 29, 2020

On occasion, Google Play sends promotional push notifications about deals and app-related editorial content. Some users today were prompted in the Play Store to download Google Opinion Rewards as a way to earn Play credits.

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories December 9, 2019

The Google Opinion Rewards app really is a great little way to receive free Play Store credits to go toward apps, games, music, and movies just for answering some simple surveys and questionnaires.

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories April 19, 2019

Google Opinion Rewards for Android updated with Material Theme redesign

Last August, we enabled a Material Theme redesign for Google Opinion Rewards on Android. The survey app that compensates users with Play credits or through PayPal is finally rolling out that new look.

Google Opinion Rewards Stories August 3, 2018

Google Opinion Rewards testing Material Theme, now includes total survey count

Google Opinion Rewards is a fast way for users to earn credits via Google Play or PayPal by answering quick surveys. This small app is now the latest to be testing a Google Material Theme, which we’ve managed to enable today. Meanwhile, in recent weeks, the app has updated and greatly improved the “Reward history” page.

Google Opinion Rewards Stories May 2, 2018

With Google Opinion Rewards, users can earn Google Play credit by answering the occasional survey. Google is now expanding the program to include its other Cross Media Panel research program that has a similar rewards model, but more extensive data collection.

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories May 23, 2017

Google Opinion Rewards hits India, Singapore, and Turkey in latest update

Update: Google has reached out to clarify that while Opinion Rewards is available now in India and Turkey, it’s not coming to Singapore until May 31st.

Occasionally, one of Google’s apps will get an update just to expand international availability. Today’s update to Google Opinion Rewards, the company’s app that pays you in Google Play credit to answer short surveys about topics (sometimes) relevant to you, is one of those cases.

Google Opinion Rewards Stories January 27, 2017

Google Opinion Rewards expands to Austria & Switzerland, adds notification sound

While Google Opinion Rewards may not be as generous in asking questions and awarding Play Store credit as it once was, the service is still active. An update today expands the service to Austria and Switzerland, while adding a new navigation drawer and notification sound.

Google Opinion Rewards Stories September 3, 2016

Google Opinion Rewards debuts in France, offers payment through PayPal

Google Opinion Rewards has always been a great way to make a few bucks for apps, movies, and music, but there are two big issues. The first, regional limitations. Opinion Rewards isn’t available everywhere, so unless you live in a supported country, you can’t use it. Thankfully, Google is adding new countries all the time, most recently with France.

Google Opinion Rewards Stories May 6, 2016

Google Opinion Rewards expands to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

If you’re fond of purchasing new apps, movies and music on your Android smartphone, you might be interested in a less-than-well-known app from Google called Opinion Rewards. You’re obviously not going to get rich quick, but it’s a great way to earn small amounts of Google Play Credit a quarter at a time by answering quick 2-5 question surveys. Today, Google has expanded the app to three new countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden…

Google Opinion Rewards Stories March 28, 2016


Project Ara has been very quiet this year, with the last we really heard from the Mountain View company being a “re-route” announced last year. The project was slated in early 2015 to be getting a market pilot in Puerto Rico, but that just didn’t happen. Everything seemed to be on track when Regina Dugan and co. were talking up the project during the Google ATAP event at I/O last year, but there haven’t been hardly any updates besides a new logo and a video look inside the group since.

Now, some new questions on Google Opinion Rewards seem to be polling the public on how much it might be willing to pay for Project Ara modules…

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories March 15, 2016

android n

While Google surprised us all by releasing the Android N developer preview last week, it hasn’t seen fit to announce a name for the software yet. Of course, that could simply be because it hasn’t thought up a name. After all, it didn’t see fit to finally confirm that Android 6.0’s ‘Tasty Treat’ name would be Marshmallow until late August last year, a couple of months after the dev preview dropped at Google I/O 2015.

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Google Opinion Rewards Stories June 26, 2015

Earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, now available in Mexico and Brazil

Google Opinion Rewards is a neat app through which anyone can earn credit to spend on anything in Google Play – so long as you’re in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, or Japan. At least, until now. According to the changelog for an update released to the app today, now owners of Android phones in Mexico and Brazil can join in on the opportunity.

The survey questions that you may be asked to answer through Opinion Rewards, which can be alerted to you through push notifications, are sourced from market researchers who run the surveys through Google Consumer Surveys. Consumer Surveys gives these marketers some of the same tools and platform reach that those advertising products and services through Google get but to instead use to get answers to questions.

Companies who run these surveys get back anonymous and aggregated response data, so they won’t know who you are, and Google says questions that contain mature content, hateful or intolerant speech, or vulgar language are not allowed.


Google Opinion Rewards Stories August 28, 2014

Google Opinion Rewards now available in the Netherlands

Google’s fairly new Opinion Rewards app is now available to Android users in the Netherlands. If you’re unfamiliar with this piece of software, it’s pretty much Mountain View’s take on quid pro quo, with users taking brief surveys in exchange for Google Play credit.

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