Just a little while after we caught a glimpse of the upcoming Google Pixel in a leaked ad, new photos of the Pixel and the larger Pixel XL have hit the web courtesy of Android Police.

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These new photos show both phones side by side in their aluminum/white finish with a design that is pretty much identical to that of previous leaks and renders. The aluminum color looks similar to that of the aluminum Nexus 6P, and to address the elephant in the room, the silver iPhone. You’ll also notice an antenna band along the bottom of the device, again, similar to the iPhone.

Also on the back we see the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and glass panel. Near the top is the camera, flash, and an assortment of other sensors. In these images, the front and back of the phone have certain spots blurred to hide IDs and markings to conceal the identity of the anonymous tipster.

Up front, we also see the front facing camera, earpiece, and the ambient light sensor. Here we can also see the screen size comparison. The smaller of the two, the Pixel, is believed to have a 5-inch display while the larger Pixel XL is expected to come with a 5.5-inch display. There’s not much new here regarding software in these photos, but it is worth noting that the new boot up animation has swapped the black background for white.

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Pricing on the Pixel is expected to start at $650 with Google’s announcement reportedly taking place at an event on October 4th.

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