In a video last week, Samsung confirmed that replacement Galaxy Note 7 units were coming and that they would be available “no later than September 21st”. Now Samsung has revealed that things are right on schedule with the first big shipment of phones arriving in the US and on their way to carriers and retail locations.

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This batch of new, non-explosive Note 7s includes 500,000 units which are currently being distributed to carriers and retail stores such as Best Buy. These devices will be available for exchange starting tomorrow, September 21st. Customers will be able to visit locations that have these replacement devices available to exchange their device on the spot. If that’s not an option for you, Samsung still recommends that you power down your device and take part in the previously announced exchange program.

Along with these new devices becoming available, Samsung is also in the processor of pushing a software update to all Galaxy Note 7s which includes the new green battery indicator that shows if a device is safe. This OTA will display that indicator only on new devices, and it also appears to be showing a warning for Note 7 owners to notify them of the recall if they have missed that news (so far only confirmed for Verizon models).

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