Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stories July 18, 2017

Samsung working to recover 157 tons of scrap material from recalled Note 7s

Following one of the biggest consumer electronics recalls in recent memory, Samsung is sitting on quite a lot of Galaxy Note 7 units. So many, in fact, that protestors have even gone up against the company demanding answers on its plans for the waste. Among other ongoing efforts, Samsung has today revealed what it plans to do with a lot of those leftover Notes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stories July 2, 2017

Following its explosive failure last year, Samsung has brought back the Galaxy Note 7 with the widely reported “Fan Edition.” The revised edition of the ill-fated flagship is essentially identical to the original, but with a handful of key alternations.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stories June 27, 2017

After dealing with a ton of bad press last year with the Note 7 debacle, Samsung rose to the challenge and created one of its most successful and widely praised devices to date in the Galaxy S8. However, many fans continue to ask for the Note 7 to make a return and after months of rumors, it seems like that is finally going to happen.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stories March 27, 2017

Following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, we’ve heard multiple rumors stating that the phone would make a return in the form of a refurbished and safe device. Today, Samsung has officially confirmed that it plans to do this along with detailing plans to recycle remaining Note 7 inventory.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stories February 26, 2017

Samsung’s MWC event interrupted by Greenpeace protesting handling of Note 7 recall

Protesting Samsung’s handling of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Greenpeace interrupted the company’s MWC event and keynote earlier today. The group unfurled banners outside the event and interrupted the presentation shortly after it began.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stories February 22, 2017


Yesterday we heard that Samsung was possibly going to resurrect the Galaxy Note 7 with the same design, specs, and features, but with a new, smaller and safer battery. Many are still interested in picking up the Note 7, but it seems like the company doesn’t have plans of bringing it back…

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