There’s a lot that’s unique about the Galaxy Note 7, including the new Coral Blue color option. This color was first introduced on the Galaxy Note 7, but with that device going off the market this week, the color dies with it. However, it looks like Samsung may be working on introducing a new Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

A new leaked image out of a Samsung production facility (via SamMobile) shows a Coral Blue rear panel with “Galaxy S7 Edge” emblazoned on the bottom. Above, we see the Verizon logo, implying that this color will be coming to the United States among other regions.

In the back of the photo, we can see more of these rear panels stacked and wrapped in plastic, including more destined for Verizon devices and some which just have Samsung’s logo. Those are likely going to end up on T-Mobile or unlocked S7 Edge units. However, a source in Vietnam is currently claiming that Samsung will launch this color on Verizon first, as an exclusive (sigh…).

It’s unclear when Samsung will debut this new S7 Edge color variant, but we should hear more soon.


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