Google has today launched Sprayscape, the latest Android Experiment from the Google Creative Lab. It’s yet another camera app for you to play around with, but it’s an undeniably cool concept that I’m not sure has ever been done before (at least not like this)…

Imagine Google’s Photo Sphere camera feature, but quick, fun, and imperfect. That’s Sprayscape. Instead of spending five minutes creating a perfectly stitched together 360-degree photo, Sprayscape lets you “spray” photos on the sphere quickly and effortlessly.

Sprayscape is a quick hack using the phone’s gyroscope to take pictures on the inside of a 360-degree sphere. Just point your phone and tap the screen to spray faces, places, or anything else onto your canvas.

And as you’d expect, once you’ve made your Sprayscape, you can tap and scroll around it or you can even view it in virtual reality if you want. It admittedly isn’t the most immersive VR experience ever since it doesn’t really feel like a recreation of real life, but it’s cool.

You can grab the app on the Play Store right now for free. Let us know what you think in the comments, and feel free to share some of your first creations!

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