We told you last week that Chainfire had achieved root on the Google Pixel, and as we predicted, said systemless root is now available for you to download.

You can read about the technical details of the root in Chainfire’s Google+ post (which I would recommend if you plan on going forward with rooting you device):

Here’s root for the new Pixels. This post doubles as release notes for SuperSU v2.78 SR2.

The images for the Pixels need to be ‘fastboot boot‘ed, not flashed. After a few minutes (have patience) and a couple of (automatic) reboots, Android should boot fully rooted. Read the README in the ZIP.

There’s a lot of text below, and depending on your technical knowledge a lot of it may make very little sense to you, but I’d still suggest giving all of it a read.

But what you’re probably looking for if you landed on this page are the download links. Just a quick warning, first: Chainfire says that “there will undoubtedly be bugs both with this version of SuperSU and this root mechanism,” so proceed with caution. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s probably a good idea to avoid this altogether.

With that out of the way, you can download the CF-Root package for Pixel here, the CF-Root package for Pixel XL here, and the latest version of SuperSU from Chainfire’s website here.

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