Ever since the OnePlus 3‘s production started to encounter problems — which have led the Chinese OEM to ultimately stop sales for a period of time — rumors began to float around the internet circa a slightly refined, more powerful version of the phone to debut before the end of the year.

And, it seems, those rumors were correct…

The originally-dubbed OnePlus 3S, which subsequently got renamed OnePlus 3T, should be a device more or less identical to the firm’s current flagship, except for one slight change, in the form of the SoC.

While the original 3 sported a well-optimized Snapdragon 820, it only felt right that, if its refresh were to come to market a little later, it should sport a more up-do-date chip.

And, if these not-so-mysterious tweets from both Qualcomm and OnePlus themselves are to be believed, we’re indeed in for a Snapdragon 821-powered phone.

For reference, this is the same processor used in Google‘s Pixel smartphones; however, while the Mountain View pair has it clocked at the same speed of the inferior 820, the 3T should use the full 2.35GHz the 821 is capable of.

As for the announcement itself, it looks like the date set in stone is November 15, which is exactly one week from now. At 1PM EST OnePlus will take on Facebook’s LIVE platform to formally unveil the device, so mark your calendar — and prepare your wallet.

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