AMP had its big launch back in September, with Google expanding the platform from being mostly limited to news articles to being widely implemented across much of the mobile web. Now, accelerated mobile pages is expanding again. Google’s mostly-a-ghost-town social network Google+ now supports AMP pages, too…

Per Googler John Nack, appropriately on Google+:

Fast Web pages rock, and we’re making Google+ an even better place to read great stories by adding support for Accelerated Mobile Pages ( Now when you browse G+ on the Web on your phone, look for the little lightning bolt icon to load articles up to 4x faster, using up to 10x less data. Enjoy, and stay tuned as we add support for more platforms and publishers in the near future.

While this most likely won’t affect the lives of most human beings, it’s definitely nice for those of us — yes, I said us — who still use Google+ on occasion. AMP pages, much like on the mobile web, will be denoted by a lightning bolt icon. Nack says that they will load up to 4 times faster, and use up to 10x less data than normal mobile web pages.

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