AMP Stories October 10, 2017

Relay Media, which offered AMP conversion for web pages, has been acquired by Google

Relay Media, a company founded by an ex-Googler that helps publishers convert their sites to Google’s AMP format, has been acquired by Google (via TechCrunch) as was announced on the company’s website today. The company also sent an email notifying customers of the deal.

AMP Stories May 25, 2017

Facebook introduced its Instant Article format for publishers two years ago as a way to make loading content in the News Feed much faster, but the format hasn’t been adopted as widely as the social network had hoped. Now Facebook is rolling out new tools for publishers to make Instant Articles compatible with  Google AMP and Apple News formats.

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AMP Stories February 6, 2017


Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project, otherwise known as AMP, has made a huge difference for users of the mobile web by providing a streamlined, super quick browsing experience. However, it’s not perfect. One of the biggest flaws for many with AMP is that you have no way to share links to articles viewed in AMP to other services. Starting today, though, you can.

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AMP Stories January 13, 2017

Google further improves the mobile web with AMP Lite for devices with low-RAM and slow networks

Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) program kicked off back in 2015, and since then, it’s been expanded to wild success. In September of 2016, the company flipped the switch on AMP pages in Google search results, and now, it wants to further enhance the program for those with slower devices.

AMP Stories November 11, 2016

PSA: Google+ on the mobile web now supports AMP pages

AMP had its big launch back in September, with Google expanding the platform from being mostly limited to news articles to being widely implemented across much of the mobile web. Now, accelerated mobile pages is expanding again. Google’s mostly-a-ghost-town social network Google+ now supports AMP pages, too…

AMP Stories July 1, 2016

eBay launches AMP support for its mobile browsing experience

eBay has announced today that the AMP version of its mobile online shopping experience has gone live, with about 8 million “browse nodes” currently available to view in AMP form.

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