Samsung’s lineup of Tizen wearables are shockingly great devices, but the biggest downside to both the Gear S2 and the newer Gear S3 (review coming soon), is the lack of app support. Today, Tizen’s app store grows with the welcome and long-awaited addition of Spotify.

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The official Spotify app for Tizen takes advantage of the round display on the Gear S2/S3 wearables and the rotating bezel for navigation. Through the app, users can browse their entire Spotify library including playlists, new releases, charts, and entire searches for new music. The app has two modes, “remote” and “stream.” Remote mode ties into the standard Spotify app on your Android device

Remote mode ties into the standard Spotify app on your Android device and allows you to control playback through that device. Stream mode, on the other hand, directs audio through the watch, either with the included speaker (Gear S3/Gear S2 Cellular only) or through a connected Bluetooth audio device. For example, a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker. Interestingly enough, you will have to sign in on the watch with the somewhat clunky T9 keyboard.

While audio is playing in stream mode, you’ll be able to adjust everything from shuffle mode and volume. Playback controls work, of course, onscreen, but the rotating bezel can also be used to go back and forth while audio is being played. Unfortunately, music cannot be downloaded to the watch for offline playback ─ you’ll either need wifi or LTE for playback through the watch.

Spotify for the Gear S3 is available via the Samsung Galaxy Apps store through the Gear Manager app. Anyone with a Gear S3, regardless of the connected smartphone, will be able to use the app.

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