Samsung Gear S3 Stories May 31

Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch is still by far my favorite smartwatch option on the market today, and a huge part of that boils down to the unique hardware. Samsung has built the Tizen software experience on this device around the rotating bezels, but there have been some glaring omissions. Now, the company is finally fixing one of those.

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Samsung Gear S3 Stories April 6

Samsung Gear S3 update promises improved battery life and Bluetooth connections

Samsung’s Gear S3 is my favorite smartwatch for Android devices right now, but last year an update hurt one of its best aspects — the battery life. Further updates fixed that to an extent, but now a new update promises to improve things further.

Samsung Gear S3 Stories December 19, 2017

Samsung fixing Gear S3 battery life issues in latest update, rolling out now [Update]

Samsung’s Gear S3 is easily one of my favorite smartwatches on the market today, but it hasn’t been immune to issues. In a previous update, Samsung seriously hurt the battery life on the Gear S3, but now, the company is taking steps to fix that.

Samsung Gear S3 Stories December 4, 2017

Samsung Gear S3 owners reporting poor battery life following latest update

The Samsung Gear S3 is easily my favorite smartwatch on the market, but it’s not perfect. Recently, an update went out to add some new functionality, but it seems to have taken a serious hit on the battery life.

Samsung Gear S3 Stories November 20, 2017

While Android Wear 2.0 continues to be a mess, Samsung’s Tizen UI on the Gear family of smartwatches continues to impress, and it’s what gets strapped to my wrist every day. Now, Samsung is releasing a new update for the Gear S3 Frontier/Classic to give those a few new enhancements.

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Samsung Gear S3 Stories August 7, 2017

Samsung still hasn’t fixed an error with voice input actions for Gear S3 owners

Even months after its initial release, Samsung’s Gear S3 is still one of the best smartwatches that you can buy. The watch offers great hardware, a huge feature set, and useful additions like Samsung Pay with support for MST and NFC transactions. Unfortunately, it looks like owners of the Gear S3 are currently experiencing an issue when trying to use voice inputs on the wearable.

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