We are quickly approaching Mobile World Congress, which means we are only weeks away from the official announcement of the LG G6. While LG hasn’t told us anything about the phone itself, leaked photographs of the handset have shown off a display with rounded corners. While some people think this looks good and differentiates the G6, others aren’t too fond of it…

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When looking at other smartphones — or pretty much anything with a screen on it — you’ll see a display that takes the shape of a square or rectangle. Of course, we have smartwatches with perfectly round or semi-round displays but LG is doing something entirely different this time around.

It could be argued that the rounded corners give the display a more “natural” look when compared to a standard squared off screen, but the same time, the rounded corners could look odd to some because they’re placed so close to the actual edge of the G6 itself (which is also rounded). This close proximity makes it obvious that the display and the phone edges do not share the same degree of curvature.

Are you a fan of the LG G6’s new display with rounded corners? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

As an aside, if you’d like to try out this look on your own smartphone, you can download the free application called Cornerfly. While the LG G6’s screen is physically rounded, this application will shrink the content on your phone so that there is enough room to make the corners rounded. It isn’t perfect, but it will give you a chance to try this look out and seeing if you’re a fan of it.

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