Google Fiber is facing more setbacks as it canceled installation in Kansas City. The gigabit internet service is offering refunds to hundreds of customers who put down deposits in Fiber’s first market, with the Alphabet division reportedly being more careful in regards to rollout.

According to Bloomberg, several hundred people are affected by Google reneging on Fiber deployment in areas where residents had already placed deposits. The company began emailing residents over the past week about refunds, noting that they are “unable to build our network to connect your home or business at this time.”

Despite this particular setback, Fiber is still very much expanding coverage in existing markets like Raleigh in North Carolina, as well as Kansas City.

Particularly, a spokesperson noted, “We recently announced our expansion into Raymore, we are continuing to build in Overland Park, and we can’t wait for even more customers in Kansas City to experience what’s possible with Google Fiber.”

Bloomberg suggests that Google Fiber is now “more careful” when taking deposits, with the company only providing service to areas that it can connect in the coming quarters.

This streamlining comes as Google Fiber lost its CEO last year, while pausing deployment in several future cities. Meanwhile, deployment in San Antonio, Texas was paused in late January over local complaints to key infrastructure placements.

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