Google Wifi is now the latest product from the company that includes a feature to control and temporary pause usage. While Family Link disables a managed device, ‘Scheduled Pause’ can be used to just halt the Wi-Fi for certain devices with a fine amount of granularity.

Scheduled Pause is marketed as a feature to reduce distractions associated with being online. Kids getting ready for school is one use case, as is minimizing interferences when you’re about to sleep.

That’s why we built Scheduled Pause, a new feature in Google Wifi that lets you automatically pause the Internet for everyday events like “Bedtime” to help wind down at the end of the day, or have a daily “Homework” schedule so your kids can focus before dinner.

As you likely don’t want to disable all your internet-connected devices, like a smart TV or desktop, labels allow you to select only certain devices as a group. For instance, this could shut off all devices for an individual or a group of people. Exceptions can easily be applied with the ability to pause/unpause specific devices at any time from the mobile app.

To set-up, the general Family Wi-Fi feature has to first be enabled and then users will have access to Scheduled Pause. For instructions, head to Google’s support page for this feature.

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