Google WiFi Stories December 20, 2016

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I don’t live in a big suburban house, but my parents-in-law do. So while I reviewed the singular Google Wifi earlier this month, I wasn’t able to really see the full potential of using the routers together to create a mesh network. I knew where I could, though. I’ve long struggled with getting my work done when staying with my in-laws, because their WiFi has always been absolutely horrid. They’ve long stuck with the stock router that Comcast gave them, and said ISP foolishly placed it in the most secluded corner of the house.

When I got my Google Wifi unit(s) earlier this month, I knew this 3,000 sq. foot house would be the perfect place to test out Google’s trio of routers, and I couldn’t be happier with the results…

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Google WiFi Stories December 6, 2016

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I typically review Android phones, so looking at Google’s new non-phone products this year — including its Daydream VR headset, Google Home, and now Google Wifi — has been a nice change of pace. Over the last month, though, these posts have only gotten further and further from being phone reviews. The Daydream View uses an Android phone to function, while the Home is an always-listening Chromecast without the screen — although it functions very similarly to using Assistant on the Pixel.

The Google Wifi, as you probably already know, is a router. It’s what Google hopes will replace that little gray box that probably sits in the corner of your office, collecting dust since the cable guy came a couple years ago. Thankfully this isn’t just any router, though. This is the successor to the OnHub, and that means we get an attractive design, as well as a delightfully user-friendly app that lets you “set it and forget it” if you want to, but puts all the most important features at your fingertips if you ever need them…

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Google WiFi Stories December 2, 2016

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Ahead of Google Wifi units shipping out to buyers, Google has today released an update to the “Google On” app for Android which rebrands the app as “Google Wifi” and prepares it for use with Google’s latest routers.

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Google WiFi Stories November 21, 2016

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Google’s goal for Google Wifi is to make creating a strong mesh wireless network through an entire home easy and relatively affordable. We already know the setup process is a breeze, but we’ve yet to see exactly how strong Google’s product is. Now, Google is putting it to the test.

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Google WiFi Stories November 15, 2016

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Google WiFi Stories November 14, 2016

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Google’s latest take on wireless home internet — a product dubbed Google Wifi — is set to go on sale sometime this month ,and ahead of its launch, Google has just uploaded a new video detailing just how easy it is to set up…

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