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February 2014 - October 2020

Google Wifi Stories October 7

Yesterday, Google re-released their original Google Wifi mesh router, bringing it to a new, more affordable price point, just one year after releasing the Nest Wifi system. Here’s everything you need to know about this new Google Wifi and where to buy it.

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Google Wifi Stories October 6

In addition to announcing a revamped Wifi router today, Google is rolling out an update to existing units and Nest devices. The most prominent feature is a notification when new devices join your network.

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Last month, we first reported that a new Google Wifi was in the works. Less than a week after Launch Night In, the Google Store this morning quietly released a new router that looks exactly the same, but now starts at $99.99.

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Google Wifi Stories September 22

Last year, Google took mesh Wi-Fi networks to the next level by having access points that also serve as Google Assistant speakers. However, this advancement understandably came with increased cost. Potentially to give the Nest Wifi ecosystem a more affordable entry point, we found evidence that suggests Google may release some $99 Nest Wifi hardware later this year.

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Google Wifi Stories August 10

Last week, Google started rolling out the ability to import Google Wifi networks into the Home app. This is part of a bigger update that sees Google Home add the Wifi app’s “advanced networking” settings, which means you no longer have to use two clients.

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Google Wifi Stories August 5

With the launch of Nest Wifi, the Google Home app added a number of controls for managing your network. While Google Wifi devices are able to get this Assistant integration, the factory reset required is an inconvenience. Fortunately, the Google Home app is now adding support for importing Wifi networks.

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