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February 2014 - August 2020

Google Wifi Stories August 5

With the launch of Nest Wifi, the Google Home app added a number of controls for managing your network. While Google Wifi devices are able to get this Assistant integration, the factory reset required is an inconvenience. Fortunately, the Google Home app is now adding support for importing Wifi networks.

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Google Wifi Stories June 17

Google is rolling out an update to the Nest Wifi and Google Wifi that will “improve overall network performance on slow internet connections.” This comes as people have primarily stayed indoors and used more device in recents months.

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Google Wifi Stories November 3, 2019

Exactly one month ago, we reported on a speed test feature being developed for Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. According to a Reddit post on r/googlehome, one user has noticed the feature appear after adding their first generation Google Wifi device to the new Home app.

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Google Wifi Stories September 17, 2019

Google is planning to launch a refreshed version of its ‘Google Wifi’ router at its hardware showcase next month, according to sources familiar with the matter. In a setup that differs from the first generation, the newly-named ‘Nest Wifi’ router itself will be accompanied by Eero-esque beacons that double as Assistant speakers…

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Google Wifi Stories September 16, 2019

The Google Store is one of the best places to pick up products like Pixel smartphones, official accessories, and more. Now, Google has opened up a new storefront for refurbished products that have big discounts in tow, starting most notably with the Pixelbook.

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Google Wifi Stories August 6, 2019

We’ve already gotten a pretty decent taste of what’s coming at this year’s Made by Google event, between official Pixel 4 teasers, Pixelbook 2 leaks, and early evidence of a Google Home revamp. It seems at least one more device is on the horizon, new Google WiFi hardware with WiFi 6 support.

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