Google Home and Google Assistant do a lot of things, but they don’t integrate as well as they should with Google’s dozens of other services. Slowly but surely, though, Google is changing that. Today, the company has announced another new feature for Google Assistant and thus, Google Home — flight price tracking.

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Starting today you can ask Assistant either on your smartphone or on your Google Home unit how much a flight from one airport to another will cost and it will deliver a price via Google Flights. On Google Home, you’ll be given the lowest price for a flight two weeks ahead of time, and then it will ask for more specific dates. From there, it will give you the lowest price yet again and ask if you would like to track flights between those destinations.

On your phone, things work out in a similar way. Right off the bat Assistant will provide pricing for flights two weeks away, but in this case, it will display that information on a card that also shows options from other airlines (after all, we don’t just want to hear United’s low price).

If you ask Assistant to track prices, it will send emails each time the low price moves up or down to the email address tied to Assistant on your device. The functionality is live now, so give it a shot!

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