Android O’s catalog of new user-facing features is a bit limited, but one of the notable ones is support for picture-in-picture video playback. So far a handful of apps like YouTube and Duo offer support, but that’s about it. Recently, though, VLC has started the process of bringing official support for this feature, and you can try it now.

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The latest beta update for VLC for Android has quietly added support for PiP alongside some other updates such as better RTL support, improved translations, and more.

Picture-in-picture for VLC is as simple as it sounds. Simply start video playback within the app, then do something else and the video will continue in a smaller window. That’s the intention at least. Early reports claim that this beta version is limited to using a keycode to trigger the mode, so this is something the app will need to fine tune.

Adding PiP to a video app as advanced as VLC makes sense, but it’s great to see the developers taking the initiative to get the process started ahead of Android O’s official launch later this year. It’s also great for those of us brave enough to run the Android O beta┬ásince, until now, the only good way to get video in PiP has been YouTube. You can sign up for VLC’s beta releases via the Play Store listing on your Android device.

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