VLC Stories September 25, 2020

VLC 3.3 for Android brings UI overhaul w/ bottom navbar, video player redesign, plus more

The VLC 3.3 update for Android has now dropped on the Google Play Store with a multitude of UI tweaks and enhancements that will make the utility-knife media player even more of a smartphone essential.

VLC Stories March 23, 2020

Google Search is one of the biggest ways that software services manage to get new users, so disappearing from those results can be really bad. For Kodi and VLC, that nightmare scenario is happening as Google has removed the services from Search following a copyright complaint.

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VLC Stories January 24, 2020

VLC beta update brings picture-in-picture mode to Chrome OS

Regardless of whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device, one of the best free video players on the market is VLC. Today, a beta update to VLC for Android has brought support for Chrome OS’s new picture-in-picture video player.

VLC Stories July 25, 2018

Huawei devices can no longer download VLC media player from Google Play

Huawei makes some great smartphones, but the company’s software has been an issue for a while. Especially for developers, these devices have caused a lot of headaches. This week, popular app VLC media player has decided to blacklist Huawei smartphones due to how those devices affect the app.

VLC Stories February 9, 2018

VLC is one of the most used media programs on the planet, and today it’s getting its first major update in nearly 2 years. VLC 3.0 is available now, and it’s going to be available on all major platforms at once with some big features in tow.

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VLC Stories January 30, 2018

VLC for Android adds support for Chromecast and Samsung DeX in latest beta update

Google’s Chromecast platform is probably the most versatile way to get media onto the big screen, and today, VLC is making it easier to deliver your locally stored content to the TV with that platform.

VLC Stories June 13, 2017

VLC for Android adds picture-in-picture support for Android O in latest beta update

Android O’s catalog of new user-facing features is a bit limited, but one of the notable ones is support for picture-in-picture video playback. So far a handful of apps like YouTube and Duo offer support, but that’s about it. Recently, though, VLC has started the process of bringing official support for this feature, and you can try it now.

VLC Stories June 22, 2016

VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework! 2015-02-27 09-32-14

I remember back in the day when VLC was just the necessary media player for pretty much any Mac owner. Since then, the free and open source cross-platform multimedia player has expanded beyond Mac and PC to mobile devices running Android and iOS. Today, the VideoLAN organization has pushed out VLC for Android 2.0, and it’s probably the app’s biggest release since its first out-of-beta release in February of last year

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VLC Stories December 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.11.05 PM

The developers behind the popular media playback software VLC have today announced that the app is now available on Chrome OS. The team explained in a blog post that Chrome OS was one of the last operating systems on which you couldn’t run VLC, so today’s release has been a long time coming for users of the operating system.

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VLC Stories October 13, 2015


VLC is your go-to all-around media player no matter which platform you’re using, and today the app’s Android counterpart got a pretty decently-sized update. Along with the usual performance improvements that ship with pretty much every app update since apps have existed, version 1.6 also comes with improvements to internal decoding speed, more Material design, and more… expand full story

VLC Stories July 17, 2015

VLC beta updated to 1.5.0 w/ better Material looks, USB auto-detection, more

VLC pushed a major cross-platform release in February, and at that point the company’s Android app finally left beta for the first time. VLC for Android has definitely been getting a lot of attention since then, though, and version 1.5 — which packs some notable improvements — was released today.

VLC Stories February 27, 2015

VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework! 2015-02-27 09-32-14

VideoLAN has today launched several updates to VLC across its apps on iOS, Android, OS X, and every other platform where the app is available, marking the first time that the company has pushed such a massive coordinated release.  The new versions (with the main app numbered 2.2.0), include several features across the various platforms, and VLC says it took more than a year of volunteer work to put them together…

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VLC Stories February 17, 2015

VLC 3.0 will gain support for Chromecast streaming from Android devices

The popular VLC media player will be upgraded to version 3.0 soon, introducing a whole host of features to the software, including support for Google’s Chromecast streaming device. The change was mentioned in a VLC change log on the VideoLan website.

Chromecast support in VLC will allow users to stream their stored media to their TVs from supported devices, including Android handsets and tablets. iOS devices, and computers running OS X and Windows are also expected to get the upgrade.

VideoLan, the development company behind VLC, hasn’t announced the availability date for version 3.0 yet. You can grab the current version of the Android app from the Google Play Store.

VLC Stories January 14, 2015


VLC this week has released the first preview build of its app for Android TV. VLC is one of the most popular pieces media playback software available and is loved for its support of a variety of media types and formats. The app was supposed to receive Chromecast support back in June of last year, but that never officially materialized. Android TV availability, however, may make VLC even more appealing to media lovers.

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VLC Stories December 8, 2014

Version 1.0 of VLC for Android exits beta, fixes lots of Lollipop bugs

VLC (Video LAN Client) has long been one of the choice media players for Android users, but—while every release has been basically stable—the company hasn’t been in any rush to push the app out of beta and on to version 1.0. Today, that finally happened, and the update packs a bunch of other goodies including fixes for ARM V8 processors and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

According to the app’s Play Store listing, version 1.0 includes the following:

This release fixes ARMv8 processors, Android 5.0 crashes and minor improvements. The 0.9.x series is major release with hardware decoding and a new interface available in dark or white colors. It integrates DVD iso and menu support, an equalizer, playlist management, Widi screens support and updated SD cards detection. Hardware acceleration is now enabled by default on 4.3+ and has better subtitles support. Software decoding has been accelerated too.
As mentioned by Android Police, it doesn’t appear that the 1.0 release includes previously announced Chromecast support. The app, which has always been known for how many video and audio formats it can play, is basically the Android go-to solution if you have some kind of media that you aren’t sure how to get working. It’s available on the Play Store right now for free.

VLC Stories July 21, 2014

DVDs gathering dust on your shelves? Now it’s easy to watch them on your Android device

Watching DVDs on an Android device just got easier, thanks to VLC for Android. No ripping, no transcoding, no issues with DRM-protected content – just view ISO images of DVDs directly.

Planet VideoLAN announced that version of VLC for Android now has the same support for viewing DVD ISO images as the desktop version. Because it’s playing the image directly, it should work exactly as it does in a DVD player, including menus, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and bonus material.

Planet VideoLAN also says that the app runs well on low-spec devices, so a bunch of DVDs and a cheap Chinese tablet could be the easiest way to entertain the kids on a car journey. The app is a volunteer-run non-profit project, free to download but with a suggested $5 donation.

VLC Stories June 9, 2014


Google’s $35 Chromecast has slowly built up its app portfolio since it was released, and now the device looks like it will be getting another huge service implemented. According to a post on the official VideoLAN forum, discovered by GigaOM, VLC’s developers are currently working on implementing Chromecast support to its media player.

“In addition to the iOS variant, we are also working on a Windows / Linux / Mac implementation, which will take a bit longer because it’s harder.”

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