This morning we got our first hands-on look at the OnePlus 5 and most importantly, its camera. In addition to the flagship’s design change, the biggest addition is a dual camera setup for taking portrait-style photographs and the ability to zoom in without actually cropping down on the image. What is your favorite dual-camera smartphone feature?

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In the video, OnePlus states that it listened to user’s feedback on the 3 and 3T and found that while the handsets were great, the camera on the smartphone was more or less lackluster. The company hopes that the OnePlus 5 will fix this problem.

It plans to do this with the device’s dual-camera setup. Very similar to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus plans to use the two lenses to capture portrait┬ástyle photographs with a blurred background and to use the second camera’s telephoto lens so that the image can be “zoomed” into without losing any quality.

So, if you own or have ever used a smartphone that uses a combination of two cameras, what is your favorite photography or videography feature? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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